Islands / Drunk Tigers / Nude Photos Of Celebrities @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl (09-23-09)


Set 27 2009, 7h39

Wed 23 Sep – Islands, Drunk Tigers, Nude Photos of Celebrities

Even though i'm not the most knowledgeable person on Islands, when I heard they were coming to the Plaza Duckpin Bowl, I realized it was one of those mandatory richmond events I had to attend. However after this show i'm starting to question listening into people hyping up shows. Not like the show was bad, but then again it was what it could of been.

Nude Photos of Celebrities were the first band of the night. Honestly their set was quite forgettable beside for the main singer of the group wearing some sort of silver colored woman's front piece . Just bland rock music coming from a band with a sweet name.

Drunk Tigers were next on the bill. I was somewhat disappointed by their opening set for Pattern Is Movement back in June so I really wasn't expecting much from them at all. Boy was I ever shown up by these guys. In just a couple of months Drunk Tigers have improved so much. They play these real fun polished hard hitting rocks songs with a vocalist reminiscent of Calvin Johnson minus that trademark Calvin Johnson twang (u know what i'm talking about). Really solid opening act set and I'm happy that my negative feelings are a thing of the past. Seriously this actually might of been the best set of the night ( no joke).

When Islands first walked on stage they just seemed out of placed, They just seemed so disappointed to be playing at of all places a bowling alley, this would be a feeling that was present the entire show. Their show started off well enough with minimal beats and organ sounds being fused with indie rock. It was enjoyable, and I was really digging the vocal hooks from the lead singer. However through out the night, the energy of the show started to deteriorate. Just to many still bodies added with a band who just didn't know if they were actually putting on a fun show just killed my energy completely. Don't get me wrong I had a good night out and don't regret attending this show at all. I'm just saying ive seen better shows, and i'm sure the Islands have to.


  • annabethhh

    i agree...the crowd was so weak for islands, it was a little disappointing. i was glad they played swans though!

    Set 28 2009, 4h52
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