• Rema-Rema

    Jul 15 2006, 2h05

    These days...sigh. These days in which it seems like you can get music anywhere, find anything without leaving your computer Rema-Rema continues to tantalize and frustrate me.

    I first came across The Wolfgang Press while watching 120 Minutes in high school. That video for Cut the Tree from the Lonely is an Eyesore compilation. Michael Allen, to my rivethead highschooler in orange county self seemed so enigmatic. TWP eventually became one of my favorite bands, and I've collected every bit of vinyl I could find.

    So boy, am I frustrated by Rema-Rema. I only discovered their existence after the single was rereleased and out of print. Though 4ad offers music downloads, this is not one of them. My only clue to their sound for a long time was a poor cover of the title track by Big Black that was release on a flexidisc. It wasn't much to go by.

    A few weeks ago I finally found a track on Emusic. Feedback Song is on the Natures Mortes compilation. It's better than I imagined, I figured it would sound like The Burden of Mules. This track is a lot crazier and cleaner than that.

    Oddly enough this site offers 30 second clips of the other two tracks, but no way to buy them. Bastards. Love it.

    Where can I find this single? Anyone?
  • Dinosaur Jr.

    Ago 17 2005, 2h22

    I'm heading out to the Dinosaur Jr show at the grove in anaheim, ca, in about an hour. heard the recent hollywood show was incredible, so I'll let you know.