• Tue 6 Oct – blink-182, Valencia, Asher Roth

    Out 7 2009, 20h06

    Tue 6 Oct – blink-182, Valencia, Asher Roth

    One word. Amazing. Valencia didn't really rock it.. but they're not majorly known, so can't blame them for that. They're newer to it. Asher Roth didn't do much performing.. but when he did perform it wasn't bad at all. It was definitely all about blink though.. they kicked ass. The light show was amazing. The vocals. The music. Incredible. Tom messed up a few times, but nobody is perfect, so what do you expect? At least he apologized for it and made fun of himself. Travis' drum solo in the encore... wow. That's all I gotta say. It was EPIC. I wish last night could happen all over again. It was def. worth the total 8 hour commute! Merch was expensive though.. 30 bucks for a shirt, but I got one anyway. Also the concessions were outrageous, but who goes to a show for the concessions ha ha. Some of the staff was kinda rude too. The venue staff that is. Traffic was a bitch trying to get out of the parking lot, they could've helped with that. Getting in was easy though! Can I rewind time and do it all over again? I would.. every day.