Concert - PJ Harvey & Portishead, 23/7/11


Ago 14 2011, 7h26

Alexandra Palace, London

So there we were - after all the anticipation. London, which (after all these years) still feels like my 2nd hometown and PJ and Portishead. There are no words to descirbe the excitement I felt that day! But then I'm not really a festival's person and I don't like to hang around for hours having to listen to bands I don't know... luckily the bunch of friends I went with felt exactly the same way.

For this reason, we found our way far up north rather late. We managed to see a bit of DD/MM/YYYY but apart from that - no other acts other than PJ & Portishead that night.

PJ HARVEY: Well what can I say? It was my first time finally seeing her live and I so thoroughly enjoyed it! Especially since I really like her latest album. She was mainly playing songs from that particular album AND Angelene! One of my faves! Moreover, she appreared to have enjoyed the set really much herself! What a perfect PJ HARVEY concert experience. I was in music dream land - but more was to follow...

PORTISHEAD: Seen them in Paris shortly after the relaese of THIRD. So I was less excited than seeing PJ but the moment they took the stage and I realised that I was about to see PORTISHEAD again (!) all came back to me! And I had quite a memory flashback. I was not expecting that kind of impact - but seeing PORTISHEAD in London was just too much for me - in a rather strange but positive sense! Well there was me enjoying every single minute of it (especially the THE RIP!) but there was also Beth who definitely enjoyed being on stage that night - amazing! Shame we ddin't get threated to a new song - but well, one can't have everything, right? Yet, I'm still lost for words thinking back of that time - SPEECHLESS - that says it all!

All in all: Was defo in my own music/memory bubble that night - Wood Green didn't help. But would do it any time again!

Sat 23 Jul – ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror curated by Portishead


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