Favourite covers...


Jan 31 2006, 22h30

well to start off with, Just Like Heaven Is my favourite cover yet. Ever. For now anyway...it just sounds so drugged and melancholic, very Deadsy.

Secondly Blue Monday ,this is a pretty okay cover...it's easier to dance to I suppose, but Orgy aren't normally my thing.

In Extremo covering Sisters of Mercy... This Corrosion Is 'interesting', to say the least, but I found it catchy, in a very odd way.

Comfortably Numb Most of my friends hate this one. I just think it's funky.

Now Siouxie and the Banshees have covered quite a few songs, but
Strange fruit affected me a little bit more than I expected it to, the same way the original did (especially considering the times Billie Holiday lived in).

Now lastly Hurt originally by Nine Inch Nails. I was just indroduced to this track, and it's been growing on me ever so slowly. It's an excellent cover (most of Last.fm seems to think so too, judging by the charts)and will find it's way onto many a mix CD of mine in future.Apparently there's a video on VH1 or something too.

Also someone told me Tori Amos covered Slayer!!! Raining Blood......che?!


  • lesalanos

    the video for hurt was amazing. I'd never heard the song before, and thought it was a JC original (it's the sort of song he'd have written anyway) and I nearly cried.

    Jan 31 2006, 23h13
  • opiaterein

    Tori Amos covered Raining Blood on her cover album Strange Little Girls. It's just piano, vocals and some odd noises here and there. It's pretty cool.

    Jan 31 2006, 23h28
  • 1980

    try just like heaven by dinosaur jr. makes me smile everxtime i listen to it

    Fev 9 2006, 10h52
  • musicforanurse

    The Raining Blood cover bij Tori Amos is really great... she lost the guitars and all, but it still sounds sooo creepy... great accomplishment.

    Fev 23 2006, 15h45
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