Name That Tune 4


Set 6 2006, 1h54

I have unguessed songs in my other journals so check them out too.

Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
Step 2: Put it on random.
Step 3: Post your favorite couple lines from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarassing.
Step 4: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 5: Cross out the songs that someone guesses correctly.
Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1. Reach for higher ground
About the way you look
The way you scream out loud

January Friend

2. On the window ledge of that 23rd story
Like Thelma and Louise did when they got the blues
Swan dove into the courtyard of the Gracie Mews

Today 4 U

3. They tell me nothing is perfect
Then tell me why is it a word
Yesterdays news is tomorrows blues

4. We cannot live together
We cannot live apart
That's the situation
I've known it from the start

Throwing It All Away

5. Do you wanna carve
My name into a wall
Right next to yours inside the shape of a heart?

6. I don't quite make sense when I talk to you
And when you smile I forget everything I knew

7. What have I created?
A criminal with good intentions
And all that you wanted was love

8. I really see you upside down
but my brain knows better
it picks you up and turns you around

A Lack of Color

9. That Drip Of Hurt
That Pint Of Shame
Goes Away
Just Play The Game

What You Own

10. Well you've cracked the sky, scrapers fill the air.
But will you keep on building higher
'til there's no more room up there?

Where Do The Children Play?

11. Would you be a dream
On the wings of a poem

Out Loud

12. Rain clouds are gathering in numbers
Just when I put away my jumper

Just My Luck

13. Nothing in this world it seems can sweep me off my feet
Everythings amazing, but only in theory

14. Ain't it funny how your new life didn't change things
You're still the same old girl you used to be

Lyin' Eyes

15. I'm not smiling behind this fake veneer
I am often interrupted or completely ignored

Together We'll Ring In the New Year

16. She don't like losing, to her its still a game
And though she will mess up your life,
You'll want her just the same

Invisible Touch

17. Lost and alone on some forgotten highway
Travelled by many, remembered by few

Sweet Surrender

18. I may be crazy
But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for

You May Be Right

19. Alone and bored on a thirtieth-century night
Will I see you on The Price Is Right?

It's All Been Done

20. Well I'm moving kind of slow
Down that same old path
Wasting time inside this hour glass

21. Deep in the jungle where the mighty tiger lies
Bill and his elephants were taken by surprise

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

22. Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out

Strawberry Fields Forever

23. Tell me what to do
Tell me what you hated and I will change the world for you

24. Catch a Dylan song or some eclipse of the moon
Let an angel swing and make you swoon
Then you will see... You will see

The Riddle

25. Wouldn't it be somethin' if everything changed
Wouldn't I be somethin' in your way
Wouldn't it be more than livin' in your wake

26. Just one more fix, Lord might do the trick
One hell of a price for you to get your kicks

That Smell

27. Living by the hour
This grass wasn't greener I found
I wanted you to know
Well I dug you up a rainbow

Bring Back The Sun

28. how it got so cold, that words just froze,
we had to wait 'til summer to find out what was said
One of the best times that we had

Time Turned Fragile

29. And it might not make much sense
To you or any of my friends
Though somehow still you affect the things I do

30. Today skies are painted colors of a cowboy's cliche'
And strange how clouds that look like mountains
in the sky are next to mountains anyway

Barenaked Ladies
The Beatles
Ben Harper
Big City Rock
Billy Joel
Cat Stevens
Death Cab for Cutie
The Eagles
Five for Fighting
Goo Goo Dolls
Howie Day
Jackson Browne
John Denver
John Mayer
Jonathan Larson
Landon Pigg
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Motion City Soundtrack
Our Lady Peace


  • lisardggY

    10. Cat Stevens / Where Do The Children Play 21. The Beatles / Bungalow Bill 22. The Beatles / Strawberry Fields Forever

    Set 6 2006, 2h11
  • overdesertsky

    8. lack of color- death cab for cutie 15. together we'll ring in the new year- motion city soundtrack

    Set 6 2006, 2h35
  • fadelikeasigh

    8. A Lack of Color - Death Cab for Cutie 15. Together We'll Ring in the New Year - Motion City Soundtrack 28. Time Turned Fragile - Motion City Soundtrack

    Set 6 2006, 2h44
  • kookiemonster

    2. today for me, tomorrow for you - Jonathan Larson

    Set 6 2006, 2h48
  • IamFlood

    18. Billy Joel - You May Be Right

    Set 6 2006, 4h32
  • abbagirl

    2. RENT - Today 4 U 9. RENT - What You Own 16. Genesis - Invisible Touch

    Set 6 2006, 4h37
  • BlackHawkSaber

    27. Our Lady Peace - Bring Back the Sun

    Set 6 2006, 12h22
  • DudeTheMath

    19. Barenaked Ladies - It's All Been Done (Stunt)

    Set 6 2006, 15h47
  • DudeTheMath

    26. Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell

    Set 6 2006, 15h48
  • DudeTheMath

    14. Eagles - Lyin' Eyes

    Set 6 2006, 15h49
  • lostNlearning

    11. Dispatch - Out Loud

    Set 6 2006, 16h21
  • MoonlitSea

    4. Genesis - Throwing It All Away

    Set 9 2006, 17h04
  • whoowiw

    1. January friend - Goo Goo Dolls

    Set 10 2006, 9h30
  • Glaukhos

    12. McFly - Just My Luck

    Set 12 2006, 19h09
  • DudeTheMath

    17. John Denver - Sweet Surrender Is it more embarrassing that you have it in your collection, or that I could sing my way forward from the opening lines to the title? I swear, I haven't heard that in decades; it must be imprinted!

    Set 15 2006, 17h38
  • PinkMonkeyBird

    24. Five For Fighting -The Riddle

    Set 28 2006, 1h49
  • Bhub

    23. McFly - I Wanna Hold You? :---D Not sure... :>

    Jan 25 2008, 16h48
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