WEEZER concert 10/9/11 (part 1 of 2)


Out 10 2011, 6h43

Sun 9 Oct – Weezer, Urge Overkill, Teenage Bottlerocket, White Mystery

After eating some incredibly delicious Cuban food at a nearby diner, me and about 400 other people waited patiently for the Congress Theatre doors to open. I'd worn my Weezer shirt, the only one I own (has 3-D glasses on it, reads 'Weezer' in blue-and-red letters) and felt happily supportive of my favorite band.

I sat in the balcony, which was a good move. As a majority of people went to stand on the main floor, I got a great view in the first row of seats, right in the middle.

It was hell waiting through the three warm-up bands because I was violently impatient to see Weezer.

However, Teenage Bottlerocket was, by far, my favorite of the three. They were great performers and I loved their music, too. One of the members went around pretending to shoot people with his guitar as if it were a shotgun, which was rather amusing to me as I'd already drank two Red Bulls by this time and was hyped up.

When Urge Overkill came onstage, nobody was excited. In fact the crowd on the main floor began to throw up the Flying W with their hands. Urge Overkill must've gotten annoyed because they stormed offstage prematurely (before playing Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon or Sister Havana ). However nobody seemed disappointed.

A long while of Weezer set-up ensued. Karl Koch eased some cheers out of the crowd as he set up cameras (I immediately suspected Video Capture Device 2). And when the light-up Flying W was lowered onstage, everyone peaked their excitement.

Rivers Cuomo eventually came onstage when it was still dim and he was only slightly visible, but he was kicking a soccer ball around the stage aimlessly. He looked sort of bummed -- the entire band did -- but rightfully so.

Rivers immediately began with "This show is dedicated to Mikey" which immediately eased me into standing up in respect. Rivers proceeded in paying his respects. I was so motivated that I begun a "Mikey! Mikey!" chant which gained momentum and echoed powerfully throughout the theater.

Weezer kicked off its show by playing Troublemaker. As I listened to the lyrics, it quickly became clear this set of songs reflected how Welsh was. This immediately made my heart hurt -- that emotion conflicted with the excitement of seeing Weezer. The emotional clash quickly gave me a headache but I powered through like a trooper.

Then they played El Scorcho which I was incredibly happy to hear. It made me swoon, as when I had weed for the first time in my life this song was playing -- a feeling of bliss soon arose and replaced my headache.

Hash Pipe was then played. As soon as I heard the first chords I teared up. Of course, it immediately reminded me of Mikey, thus easing a steady stream of tears to fill my eyes as I sang as loud as I possibly could have. It was a strange moment, really, crying tears of sadness at such a great concert, but it was for a good reason of course -- a horribly sad reason but a good reason nonetheless.

Perfect Situation was played afterwards. I sung my heart out for this as well, for I simply adore the chords in the monosyllabic chorus and bridge. Also the lyrics are frighteningly heartbreaking, and it's eerie how well the song relates to my life. ...anyway, it was great to hear.

After a bit of promo for the Weezer Cruise, I girlishly broke down again.

When Rivers led into Island in the Sun my eyes got blurry yet again. Suddenly the lyric "we'll never feel bad anymore" sounded like Rivers was singing them as "he'll never feel bad anymore" (as if he were referring to Mikey) which immediately shifted my mind to Welsh yet again, depressing me more than ever.

As the lyric (which was most likely not changed at all, just my mind fucking with me) was reminding me of Mikey, it made me feel better about the situation at the same time. Because it was oh-so true. Mikey will never feel bad anymore. There's a bright side to everything I suppose.

As I wiped my tears, I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams came on, stopped for Pat to tune his guitar, and started again. It was quite lovely to hear it (I was also elated that a girl wasn't there in Rivers' place) as many people didn't know it.

They next covered Paranoid Android by Radiohead, and the tune was a smart mix of melancholy and brilliant. Thus I was chillax again.

They immediately went into Beverly Hills which made me and the crowd very happy.

Pork and Beans started. Rivers made Brian Bell sing one line in this song, but that was enough for friction to arise in my jeans and make my heart flutter with lust. After falling in love with The Relationship, it's become clear to me that Brian's voice is perfect in every way shape and form. It's sleepy and sexy at the same time. How the fuck does he do it? I swooned, not able to take my eyes off of him for the remainder of the tune.

As a brief intermission ensued, I was elated again.

I had (quite possibly) gotten over Mikey's death (that of which made me heartbroken, strangely enough, because it got me to realizing how suddenly something could be there one sleepless night and gone the next) and I was listening to some wonderful music in a horde of wonderful people and I was wonderfully caffeinated.


Since I'm getting anxious to sleep, I'll leave off with post-intermission Blue Album tomorrow.


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