• MIRA - Mirror Of The Absolute

    Set 20 2013, 9h52

    MIRA - Mirror Of The Absolute

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  • MIRA - Monochromia (Playthrough)

    Ago 7 2013, 22h27

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  • MIRA - Three Pound Universe EP Preview

    Jun 21 2013, 3h17

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    Recorded, mixed & mastered by Stivven Mira.
    Artwork made by Raphael Gabrio (Insane Visions).
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  • Icon In Me - Human Museum (Reviewed by Eirini on 2009/05/18 at

    Jul 7 2009, 19h08

    ICON IN ME is a Russian/European project which was created on August of 2007 by guitarist D.Frans (HOSTILE BREED), and before November passed the band released its debut full album in the Dutch studio Hansen Records with Jacob Jansen responsible for the production (DESTRUCTION, MERCENARY, RAUNCHY etc.) In this album ICON IN ME has invited some guest musicians including Steve Smyth (ex-NEVERMORE, TESTAMENT), Flemming C.Lund (THE ARCANE ORDER, INVOCATOR), and Andy Solvestrom (WITHIN Y, EVILDOER, CIPHER SYSTEM).

    "Human Museum" starts with the introductory piece "Dislocated" which starts with phaser and effects’ sounds until it bursts to a scream, ferocious drumming and sharp guitar riffs. The second song, "That Day, That Sorrow" starts with some thrashy drumming and it develops dynamically. It unfolds ferocity but there are also melodic moments with clean vocals. This song is definitely the "hit" of the band. The riffs of the bridge remind a bit of IN FLAMES in the times of "Reroute To Remain".

    "End Of File" is another song which keeps the Thrash/Speed character of the album with clever and memorable riffs. "Empty Hands" is a song which starts a bit more slowly and again turns to that well-known recipe of ICON IN ME, by bursting to ferocity. Another song I highlighted from this album is "Moments". Catchy rhythms, great vocals, memorable riffs and a clean vocals refrain which turns to epic in terms of the timbre is what makes this song so special.

    The next songs, "Blood Ritual" and "To the End", keep an aggressive, Thrash character as well, and by using some syncopation to the breaks of the latter piece, the band succeeds in making the song memorable and interesting. "In Memorium" starts with the melancholic sound of a guitar playing broken chords followed by another guitar playing ballad-like with the sharp riffs of another guitar emerging to a crescendo and the voice of JJ screaming to a background of aggressive drumming.

    The next and last songs, "Turn the Dead On" and "Avoiding the Pain", continue in the Thrash atmosphere this album has, again using cleverly syncopation and moments of lower pace. At this point I must underline that there is much talent put on this project, from the expressiveness of vocals to the skillful drums and well played guitars. "Human Museum" is not something you will hear for the first time but it is really interesting nevertheless.