• VNV Nation concert review [7/19/09 in Philladelphia]

    Jul 20 2009, 19h31

    Sun 19 Jul – VNV Nation, Ayria, Sam, War Tapes

    First off, there was never a band called Sam playing. Ayria gave a very good performance, short lived but good. War Tapes was awful. I have no idea what an emo band was doing at this show but I had to leave the area during their play because i was getting a headache.

    Now for VNV Nation. They gave a very energized, crazy and all around kickass show. I never dance at concerts nor do I scream, but I was going nuts with the crowd as they provided the fuel for the fire. I love how after they exited, the fans managed to get them back for another 3 songs, one that was never played before and they are making a music video of. They decided to have the fans record them playing, and also did a recording of the crowd screaming hello. All around, this was probably one of the best shows I have ever gone to, and would DEFINITELY go to see them again.
  • Today is the worst day of my life...

    Jun 29 2009, 2h26

    I dont even know what to do

    Billy Mays... Dead?

    Im crying so hard