15 out of 146 Random Janet Jackson Song Lyrics


Mar 24 2009, 15h08

1. When I first met you,
I knew that my life would never be the same

2. You need to let off,
Close your eyes and just put me in control

3. Took myself on to the doctor,
Wasn't feeling fine

4. All of my life,
I hoped to find someone like you

5. Boy, when you look at me,
Do you judge me by my cover?

6. Betcha think I'm the type to not speak,
Look away everytime our eyes meet

7. Light skin, dark skin, my Asian persuasion,
I got them all, that's why these girls out here hatin'

8. There's a high level of luv goin' on,
The feelings are just way too strong

9. Children are called the future of an adult world,
They are born with spirits so innocent

10. Oh baby, oh baby pop, follow my directions,
You will be okay

11. I don't wanna hear you say,
Your heart is all in knots

12. Your body chemistry, your history, your smile,
I like it, I like your style

13. She brought love, she brought joy
She brought, what she brought, you thought you'd never see again

14. What more can I say about you,
Boy you're so hot

15. We keep each others secrets hid,
Go on to talk for hours

Excerpts from:
Because of Love
Get It Out Me
I'm Here
Livin' in a World (They Didn't Make)
Love and My Best Friend
Pops Up
Put It On You
Roll Witchu
Say You Do
The Best Things in Life Are Free
The Magic Is Working
Trust a Try
You Ain't Right


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