The Kids Love Ska again!!!


Jan 22 2007, 23h55

I went and saw Lily Allen last night and she was awesome. Simply because she got a room of brisbane kids dancing to ska. It was great, had a goofy grin on my face all last night. I just hope it makes music fans seek out this kind of stuff more. She played all her hits and the whole set was great. Standout was her cover of Blank Expression. You gotta respect a girl who's fave band is the specials. You also have to fall in love with her. Top night.

In other news the organisers of the BDO, Ken West, in particular, are ignorant losers. Condoning the aussie flag at the BDO event in sydney is idiocy. Ever since the Limp Bizkit incident where Ken West and Bernard Fanning basically blamed it all on the band I have had certain distaste for the organisers. They should have taken more responsibility with what happened. Sure the band could have worked more with the promoters, but heaping all blame on the band was rediculous and young Mr Fanning just jumped on the bandwagon. He's a jerk you know.

Anyways, long story short, the organisers are ignorant.

My iPod earbuds, my headphones and my FM tuner all died on the same day, so now I have $130 of new audio listening bliss. Expensive, but good. Even the Ipod earbuds that were $50 felt like money well spent.

Can't wait for Aussie day.


  • schtef

    Wee for Lily Allen! Boo for her not coming to Perth... The politicians peeved me off the most. I think that if the flag is an excuse for self-rightious nationalism and drunken violence then who cares if it's discouraged from the BDO? I hate drunken yobbo's so much. And ipod earphones?!? You should have gotten aweomer ones, the ipod ones break too easily...

    Jan 23 2007, 0h49
  • Stackboy

    Well, Ken West is directly to blame in this circumstace. He's the one that condoned flags in syndey. BOO TO HIM!!! I dunno, I like how the Ipod headphones feel in my cranium.

    Jan 23 2007, 4h19
  • skywake

    I agree that something needs to be done about the drunken nationalistic behavior at the BDO in Sydney... I don't think banning flags is going to stop anything though. They will just find something else to band behind. I do hate the way that the media, politicians and everyone else suddenly ganged against the organizers like they had just blown up parliament house... that pissed me off... I will refrain from Nausea at the idea of iPod headphones.... I know Apple have the big name and the designer look, but their product engineering is horrible. For $50? no offense, but you could do a hell of a lot better then Apple....

    Jan 23 2007, 5h43
  • Stackboy

    Hell I'll gang up on them, FOR IGNORANCE. C'mon, banning OUR countries flag at an event? Hey for $50 I'm happy, they are comfy. Go back to bernie.

    Jan 23 2007, 6h43
  • jarmac

    I have Lily Allen in 6 days, cannot wait! Never seen a popular female in concert before, especially one as hot as Lily, her attitude just makes her have this unexplained hotness! Hehe :P Good to see you enjoyed Lily!

    Jan 23 2007, 7h20
  • schtef

    I wouldn't call the BDO organisers ignorant... The flag wasn't banned EVER until the polititians used the 'B' word. It was discouraged. They also moved the Sydney BDO to 'not Australia Day' which I think'll help quite a bit. Well, you've bought them now and can't return them (hygene reasons) and so I guess we'll have to forgive you :)

    Jan 24 2007, 0h21
  • Kennykoala

    hahahaha are you implying stacky has dirty ears? All that punk and ska will do that to you. Lily rocked my world at the big day out. Was the perfect act for the summery afternoon in the boiler room. I agree with skywake, the bandwagon jumpers really shit me. The media has blown this issue way out of proportion.

    Jan 24 2007, 1h26
  • Stackboy

    As I see it, Ken West condoning the flag at the BDO is to blame.

    Jan 24 2007, 2h19
  • Stackboy

    Double post happy time. I found my first pair of iPod earphones to be comfy, so I had no troubles buying them again. Considering they lasted over year with a fulls day use 5 days a week, I think thats pretty worth it.

    Jan 24 2007, 2h21
  • schtef

    Ken west condoning the flag? There was enough backlash when he asked if people could please leave it at home - stupid NSW premier was like we're looking into legal action and their lease to see if we can prevent them from banning the flag... If you pump the volume on the ipod and are playing bass you blow the speaker cones and then your ipod headphones crackle from then on in. icky.

    Jan 25 2007, 1h50
  • Stackboy

    Quit listening to dirty dance and tune into happytime ska and their won't be a problem. My earphones didn't blow, the cord snapped because when I plugged it into my dads laptop they way the speaker plug was setup I had to yank it out by the cord, thus hurting it. From all reports he basically condoned bringing the flag. Thats not cool to me. I have no idea what the premier said but the prime minister said it best: The Australian Flag should never be banned in Public. Shoutouts to Johnny.

    Jan 25 2007, 2h29
  • schtef

    Dirty dance is awesomely fun (and who doesn't love dirty?) balanced article on it plus, it ws NEVER BANNED. Nobody used the word 'ban' except politicians - you're not a politician are you? :) I once yelled shame, Johnny, shame to Johnny at a protest, I still feel the same way. Betcha didn't know I used to be a left-wing hippy/commie :)

    Jan 25 2007, 5h13
  • Kennykoala

    stacky you've confused me. Condoned means to allow or to encourage doesnt it? I'm a leftie too but I agree with Johnny that the problem is not the flag its the dickheads who use the flag in an offensive way (telling people to kiss it and whatnot). stef, the dirtier dance is the better. Props to your Johnny shout, I really hope I get a chance to tell him what I think of him someday.

    Jan 25 2007, 6h21
  • schtef

    yeah stacky, kenny's with me FTW! ;) (I only just found out what that meant so now I can revel in my internet geekyness)

    Jan 25 2007, 8h21
  • Stackboy

    Hey, thats just what johnny said. I didn't say it, ken west didn't say it. Johnny did. He's standing up for our flag. Condoned is the negative you dumb internet geeks.

    Jan 25 2007, 13h21
  • Stackboy Sheesh.

    Jan 25 2007, 13h22
  • Stackboy

    Oh god I'm a literary noob. I got my terms wrong and I'm stupid. Ken West is still an idiot. That is all.

    Jan 26 2007, 13h49
  • schtef

    *does a victory dance*

    Jan 26 2007, 15h16
  • The_Couch

    You may be thinking of condemned?

    Jan 26 2007, 16h24
  • Stackboy

    I don't know what i'm thinking of, I'm just a stupid internet kid.

    Jan 27 2007, 9h28
  • schtef

    like the rest of us ;)

    Jan 29 2007, 3h43
  • jarmac

    Saw Lily last night, fucking amazing! My friend got the setlist, lucky girl :P I'll write up a review in the next day or so.

    Jan 30 2007, 1h55
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