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Out 9 2005, 14h39

I've just realised that I have a preference for female vocalists especially Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Cher.

I would like to listen to more stuff by Amy Jo Johnson but it would require me to pay a hefty input tax since I haven't found anywhere in the UK that sells her stuff not even Amazon UK :(

I seem to prefer singles than certain artists.
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  • Joel423

    Just a little taste of the disadvantages of living in the States with the high import costs. =)

    Out 12 2005, 21h55
  • StaceyUK


    Out 14 2005, 17h51
  • Quarkz

    Try living in Australia, we don't even have an Amazon! :p *sigh*

    Out 20 2005, 13h57
  • StaceyUK

    Bleh! *feels for you*

    Out 21 2005, 20h59
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