My Life as a Movie...


Dez 14 2006, 21h29

Opening Credits:
Track: Velvet Snow
Artist: Kings of Leon
Comment: Walking around like I'm walking in velvet snow...dancing like you'll never dance again. Seems okay.

Waking Up:
Track: Dudley
Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Comment: Waking up with a broken heart. Seems appropriate.

First Day At School:
Track: Lounger
Artist: Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Comment: fitting. "I know nothing/don't know much/I think my education's/Gone out to lunch."

Falling In Love:
Track: Good for you's good for me
Artist: The Walkmen
Comment: Nice!

Fight Song:
Track: The Guilt
Artist: The Rakes
Comment: Sounds kinda Beastie Boy-ish. Always good in a decent fight scene.

Breaking Up:
Track:Don't Be Afraid to Sing
Artist: Stars
Comment: Jesus, this is perfect. What a breakup song to have.

Track: Me and the Bean
Artist: Spoon
Comment: It's sweet...ridiculously unlike both of my real prom experiences.

Track: In This Home on Ice
Artist: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Comment: A mass of confusion. Awesome.

Mental Breakdown:
Track: Shoot Your Gun
Artist: 22-20s
Comment: Hahahaha. Awesome.

Track: Somewhere Across Forever
Artist: stellastarr*
Comment: Running away...sounds like a decent road trip song.

Track: Apologies to Insect Life
Artist: British Sea Power
Comment: Great for a flashback...if you're tripping.

Getting Back Together:
Track: Fall, Fall, Fall
Artist: Razorlight
"Could I be any clearer?/Could I speak any plainer?/I need you here/Just to lean my way/And fall, fall, fall." Perfect!

Track: Perfect
Artist: Rogue Wave
Comment: Ok...

Birth of Child:
Track: No Breaks
Artist: The Bravery
Comment: Oh, there will definitely be breaks when I give birth...mark my words.

Final Battle:
Track: Cosmopolitan
Artist: Nine Black Alps

Death Scene:
Track: Suddenly
Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Comment: Well I hope it's sudden, at least.

Funeral Song:
Track: The Scene Is Dead
Artist: We Are Scientists
Comment: The Scene Is Dead...well, apparently.

End Credits:
Track: Narcissist
Artist: The Libertines
Comment: Well if it's a movie about me, I guess that's a little narcissistic...though I know several people who are way more self-obsessed than me.


  • kakalto

    Haha, nice. Not a bad set of answers ya got :D

    Dez 15 2006, 0h46
  • arcadiandream

    Life Is Like A Movie Most people end up with some weird things on this meme but you scored pretty well, congrats!

    Dez 15 2006, 23h54
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