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  • Global_Carnage

    [...] So that's what I've seen around the internet so far. Speaking for myself, I like discussing about it because I have an interest in psychology-related topics. I seem to have gathered some important level of knowledge regarding it, so I can actually find out other people's type by analysing their behaviour closely. I know everything about the various functions each type has and how they tend to be used. What I do with all this information is discuss it with friends who also are into this method. That's exactly my purpose: discussing, theorizing and just improving my understanding towards certain areas of human psychology. It has nothing higher than that to it... to me, at least. As I pointed out in the 1st half of the post, many seem to give it more importance than it should have. As for the music, there may be some bands I don't particularly like in your charts, but I'd say I like your taste and our compatibility seems to be pretty high. I am discovering new styles, though. :P

    14 Set 2012 Responder
  • Global_Carnage

    Hi and sorry for the late reply. One has to consider that MBTI, the system which deals with personality types, is useful to determine an individual's personality TYPE, rather than the personality itself. I discuss about it with that in mind, but I can't deny that many people who are into MBTI treat it as a better alternative to astrology, which is not exactly what it is. The point is, said people usually treat it as the holy truth, the culmination of social science, the supreme meter of judgement of one's personality. It's not any of these: it has its flaws in that it's not exactly empirical and, like anything related to psychology or any other social science, it's not an exact science. However, these people are so attracted to the idea, that many of them identify themselves with their type to the point that they... become it. Not just that, but there's just as many people that tend to label everyone around them and then proceed to act according to the various types' stereotypes [...]

    14 Set 2012 Responder
  • nazcapilot

    Thank you so very much! You have a good taste in music, too! It's nice to meet you, my friend! :D

    26 Jul 2012 Responder
  • Flam3o

    Oh yep, it kind of sucks to see that there's never anyone talking about anything interesting in there. I guess I probably shouldn't really care about it as much as I do though lol.

    26 Jul 2012 Responder
  • RadioYuggoth

    nice to meet you too. Good taste in music btw :)

    10 Jan 2012 Responder
  • genocide_cutter


    1 Jan 2011 Responder
  • wicho121290

    por cierto, como le haces para ordenar las fotos tan bonito? siempre me cago que se cortan todas XD

    1 Jul 2010 Responder
  • wicho121290

    nuestos about me's son peligrosamente iguales, que... coño paso ahi???

    1 Jul 2010 Responder
  • wicho121290

    no mames... Jason Mraz?! tu? XD

    1 Jul 2010 Responder
  • Shy-Guy

    Impresionante. Pero yo que haria con 41,000 pesos en efectivo? Mejor gastarlo en algo, digo yo.

    13 Jun 2010 Responder
  • meconsumo

    hey si lánzate al de Girls, la verdad ni piden IFE a menos que te veas demasiado pequeño, se va a poner bueno!

    12 Abr 2010 Responder
  • RobOrly

    I've released New Singles. Rob Orly

    31 Mar 2010 Responder
  • 2487


    20 Mar 2010 Responder
  • 2487

    You deserve to be added.

    19 Mar 2010 Responder
  • berry_dreams

    really? woow! hm, but I live near Warsaw, have you been in this city? Poland is really beautiful, but we don't appreciate that fact :P

    15 Mar 2010 Responder
  • berry_dreams

    hello neighbour, good taste!

    4 Mar 2010 Responder
  • TerrorVirus


    3 Fev 2010 Responder
  • chrisandell

    ohio...:( NYC in nov. however

    19 Set 2009 Responder
  • chrisandell

    lol sup!? where you from?

    15 Set 2009 Responder
  • anniehoneymms

    Oohh me crees que nunk habia leido lo que escribiste en el 'know me' ?? hahahaha no kizieras voltear a ver personas randomly y ver cuanto tiempo tardan en voltear en este momentoo?? hahahahaha:D y seguro lo del perro, lo dices por nicole :D [yeey pekeña mirruñitaa] :D

    1 Set 2009 Responder
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Sobre mim

Stat reset: may 19th, 2009.

My super-eclectic score is currently


I like:

~The way the other people walk.
~Pretentious music, movies, videos, etc.
~Spelling (At least in spanish :P)
~Girls who play bass guitar.
~Weird stuff
~Independent movies.
~Guitar picks with original designs.
~My random T-Shirts.
~Old, dirty, and or fucked up sneakers.
~How girls can get angry and stop talking to you, yet 5 minutes later you find yourself talking to her again as if nothing had happened.
~The smell of women's hair, even though it's just their shampoo.
~Pretentious stuff
~People who don't like pretentious stuff.
~How you can talk about anything to introverted people, knowing they won't tell anybody
~When extroverted people want to tell you something, then you pretend to listen so they feel secure and know that you won't tell anybody about what they just told you.
~Staring at people
~When people stare back at you, making an awkward situation yet both of you keep staring, until he gives up and looks away.
~Deep and long conversations.
~Long conversations in general.
~The person who everyone else think that he/she's a weirdo, yet he/she won't give a fuck and continue on being him/herself.
~The sound the keyboard makes while writing
~How girls complicate a very simple situation.
~Animals, exept bugs.
~Inoscent people.
~Complex people.
~Photos in black & white.
~Photos of your friends while they're distracted.
~Photos where you look cool, classy, random, thinking or funny.
~The way the people's fingers look while finger picking a guitar.
~The night, moon, stars, darkness, and anything else related with the night.
~People who dress with the first things they find on their closet.
~People who always dress on a classy, obstentuous way, without falling on the "show-off"
~Complex music.
~Minimalist music.
~Weird rythms.
~Various guitar effects.
~People who like either country, blues, jazz, southern, progressive, indie, industrial, experimental, sludge and/or post-rock.
~Some videogames
~Dark chocolate.
~Cloudy days, and the way people dress on these days.
~The peace and love sign.
~Songs that last longer than 15 minutes.
~A small cheek "beauty spot".
~Watching people tuning their guitars.
~Dirty vans.
~Dirty shoes generally.
~Hard to understand poems, without obscure words though.
~Vinyl cd's audio.
~Dirty vinyl cd's noise.
~When someone makes for you a nice detail, even though it was the easiest thing to make.
~French language.
~Interesting designs, either in clothes or in a place.
~Making a friend's bad day a little bit happier by making him laugh with a random comment.
Or without the random comment.
~Watching the ants carrying leafs or that sort of stuff.
~Urban art, so long it's well done.
~Cartoons, including anime.
Actually, I love anime..
~Happy endings
~Apparently indeferent actitudes.
~Almost anything that shines :p.
~The fact that I'll never fill my 120 Gigas Ipod.
~When people get worried about you, even when there's nothing to be worried about.
~The sound of harmonics.
~How your dog welcomes you as if he/she haven't seen you in a year, even though you just went out for something to eat.
~The way orchestra's directors look and stand.
~Watching people being completely absent of their minds.

All photos taken & edited (if eddited) by me or the love of my life:

Last.FM Milestones1st track: (18 May 2009)
Maybeshewill - We Called for an Ambulance But a Fire Engine Came
1000th track: (24 May 2009)
Ambiente - Infants Become Robots
2000th track: (31 May 2009)
Omar Rodriguez López - Jacob Van Lennepkade
3000th track: (12 Jun 2009)
The White Stripes - My Doorbell
4000th track: (28 Jun 2009)
Ulver - The Future Sound of Music
5000th track: (10 Jul 2009)
Burzum - Gebrechlichkeit I
6000th track: (25 Jul 2009)
The Big Sleep - Bad Blood
7000th track: (29 Aug 2009)
Meshuggah - Electric Red
8000th track: (07 Sep 2009)
Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper
9000th track: (17 Sep 2009)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Destro's Secret
10000th track: (29 Sep 2009)
Maybeshewill - We Called for an Ambulance But a Fire Engine Came
11000th track: (11 Oct 2009)
Huun-Huur-Tu - Agitator
12000th track: (24 Oct 2009)
A Silver Mt. Zion - Mountains Made of Steam
13000th track: (06 Nov 2009)
Agalloch - Our Fortress Is Burning... I
14000th track: (24 Nov 2009)
Killswitch Engage - My Curse
15000th track: (15 Dec 2009)
Scale the Summit - City in the Sky
16000th track: (26 Jan 2010)
Zu - Eli, Eli, Elu
17000th track: (12 Feb 2010)
Dethklok - Face Fisted
18000th track: (27 Feb 2010)
Zozobra - the vast expense
19000th track: (19 Mar 2010)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Van Damsel
20000th track: (17 Apr 2010)
Coheed and Cambria - The Broken
21000th track: (28 Jun 2010)
Mogwai - Acid Food
22000th track: (01 Aug 2010)
Peste Noire - L'envol du grabataire (Ode à Famine)
23000th track: (30 Aug 2010)
Within the Ruins - Tractor Pull
24000th track: (10 Sep 2010)
Coil - At the Heart of It All
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