Playlist 139- Funky Old Men


Nov 21 2010, 17h06

1. Tom Jones– Ain’t No Grave
2. Johnny Cash – Redemption Day
3. Ray Wylie Hubbard – Pots and Pans
4. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – Running Man’s Bible
5. Phil Collins – Nowhere To Run
6. Neil Young – Someone’s Gonna Rescue You
7. roky erikson – Think Of As One
8. Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Richards – Sweet Virginia
9. Ronnie Wood – Spoonful
10. Robert Plant – Even This Shall Pass Away
11. Santana, Joe Cocker – Little Wing
12. Eric Clapton – Hard Times Blues
13. Bryan Ferry – No Face, No Name, No Number
14. Grinderman – When My Baby Comes
15. John Mellencamp – The West End
16. Neil Diamond – Alone Again (Naturally)

Now, on to today’s playlist, a great showcase of the Old Guard still making great music, from Dave Christensen.

Dave C Says:

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article asking how Keith Richards could still be alive ( They don’t really answer the question (best explanation comes from David Quantick – “It’s almost as though others die so that Keith Richards may live”), but he is still alive and has recently released an autobiography and a greatest hits album of his solo work.

In general, a sub-theme of this year seems to have been new albums from some of the elder statesmen of rock, from Jerry Lee Lewis through to Phil Collins; many former giants have been releasing new albums this year. Fortunately, in the way that the American Recordings of Johnny Cash or the Daniel Lanois-Bob Dylan albums did, many of them have used the age of the artist to their advantage in taking them back to their roots or stripping back to a more basic sound and on the whole they’re not trying to be something they’re not. Some are covers albums; others are originals – either way the songs on this playlist are from albums that deserve a play. These guys might be old, but they’ve still got it.


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