Top 10 albums of '10


Dez 10 2010, 3h58

1. Marc Ribot – “Silent Movies

I started following Ribot’s guitar work after I realized how much of Tom Waits’ sound was defined by his playing. Since then I’ve been really taken in by his solo compositions. It hadn’t been since 2001’s “Saints” had he released such a beautiful solo record. The songs are meant to function as music for films: some adaptations of he wrote for films and others inspired by actual silent movies. This is my pick for record of the year.


2. Grinderman – “Grinderman 2

The sequel to 2007’s raw and powerful self titled album from Nick Cave’s side project. I love how when so many musicians age their music gets more and more timid. Not the case for Nick. Also hands down the [event=]best show[/event] I saw in 2010.


3. Josh Ritter– “So Runs The World Away

This album took some time for me to get into, but after a lot of listens I was sold.


4. The Black Keys – “Brothers

By far the band’s best effort since their debut. It’s been years since I’ve been able to get into this band, but after purchasing the album to accompany a solo 9 hour drive this summer it rekindled my love affair with these blues-rock badasses from Akron Ohio.


5. Justin Townes Earle – “Harlem River Blues

Justin Townes Earle returns with a new album almost as solid as last year’s “Midnight at the Movies”. Mixing classic folk sound with modern New York City themes. Cool concept


6. Rangda – “False Flag

2 of my favorite guitarists Sir Richard Bishop and Ben Chasney (of Six Organs of Admittance) playing together. I’ve actually wondered what they’d sound like playing together… never dreaming they even knew each other.


7. Jakob Dylan – “Women and Country

Talk about a surprise. I loved Wallflower’s Bringing down the horse and Breach when they were new but for the last decade I’ve found all Dylan’s music to be washed out and uninspired. But his 2nd solo record proved to be a vivid portrayal of the great recession. And it doesn't hurt T-Bone produced it.


8. Gil Scott-Heron – “I’m New Here

I’d never paid attention to anything he’s done. I’m glad I’ve started. His return to music sounds better than any of his older stuff I’ve heard. Love the title track… a cover of the Smog song.


9. The Tallest Man on Earth – “The Wild Hunt

Beautiful Merle Travis picking. Equally beautiful lyrics.


10.Joanna Newsom – “Have One on Me

I loved milk eyed mender but Ys did nothing for me. There I said it. But this album has her returning to a lot of the same sounds that made me fall in love with her. Oh, and I have a big crush on her.


  • IveBeenOwned

    Holy fuck ! My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy isn't on it ! The world is going to end.

    Dez 10 2010, 11h31
  • SpoonRiver

    Here's how lame I am... I had to google "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"...

    Dez 10 2010, 15h09
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