Dela - Changes of Atmosphere ..... jazz hop @ it's finest


Nov 28 2008, 12h33

Just discoverd this album from Dela, a french producer. So after the really good Jazz Liberatorz album comes another great jazz-hop album from france. It was released around october 2008. Dela - Changes Of Atmosphere, give it a listen.

The intro already has me, and other tracks I really like are No.4,5 a J Dilla remake, 9 is really huge with great De La Soul sample, No. 10, 15 and 16!! So alot of good stuff on it!!

1.Changes Of Atmosphere (Intro) Featuring Liza Garza
2.I Say Peace Featuring J-Live
3.Live The Life Featuring J.Sands
4.The City Featuring J-Live & Surreal
5.Won't Do Featuring Miles Bonny
6.Stress Featuring Queens Connex & Termanology
7.Long Life Featuring Talib Kweli
8.Veuiller Veiller Sur Vos Reves Featuring Les Nubian & John Banzai
9.Vibrate Featuring Blu
10.How To Fish Featuring REACH
11.The Plan Featuring Dynas
12.It Is What It Is Featuring Naledge
13.Chill Featuring Large Professor & Meemee Nelzy
14.Changes Of Atmosphere Featuring Supastition
15.Live The Life (Original Mix) Featuring J.Sands
16.Chill (Lark Chillout Mix) Featuring Large Professor


  • blee383


    Nov 29 2008, 9h11
  • SirPsychoFlea

    oh yeah thank you for this journal, thats a really nice album

    Dez 7 2008, 12h35
  • k-mo7

    Good Album. Any fan of hip hop should appreciate it my opinion. Mars Remix really reminds me of "The Cool" by Lupe Fiasco (Food & Liquor album). Check out a guy called Incise!

    Abr 2 2009, 23h49
  • gangstayoda

    this is a pretty good album. i'm downloading atmosphere airlines right now.

    Ago 26 2009, 20h58
  • Chinita-X1

    this is pretty good, thanks for sharing..

    Set 15 2009, 19h06
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