New D.I.T.C. - Big Name to live up to......


Nov 13 2008, 9h19

So here's the new D.I.T.C. - The Movement Album.

I think the groups members are only O.C., AG, Party Arty, Lord Finesse, Buckwild & Showbiz. Or at least on this album.

No Big L of course ;-), no Fat Joe and why is Diamond D not on it?? No production or spitting verses......

But you can still give it a listen.....

1 - Time Travel ft. O.C. & A.G.
2 - Mad Live ft. D Flow
3 - Experience ft. Show & AG
4 - Shine My Way ft. Party Arty
5 - When We Rollin ft. D Flow
6 - Hard Hit ft. D Flow, O.C., A.G., Boss Money
7 - Energy ft. O.C. & A.G.
8 - Bow ft. O.C.
9 - Boys Is Dion It ft. Boss Money
10 - Air Y’all ft. Joell Ortiz
11 - Insomnia ft. D Flow, A. Bless & O.C.
12 - True Lies ft. O.C. & A.G.

And here's the first track to listen to


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