Mai 6 2008, 3h38

    I have officially made my new account.
    It is now xCarnageV1.

    If you still want to keep in contact with me, ADD IT.
  • New Last.FM

    Mar 16 2008, 1h10

    I'm not sure if I'm going to make a new one or not yet. The only two reasons I want to, is because of the numbers in my screenname, and the amount of plays on such bands like Armor for Sleep, Rise Against, From First to Last, and The Devil Wears Prada, etc. I'm not even sure how these bands got so many plays, I didn't click them that often. =/

    Anyway, yeah, if I do, I'll let all of my super-close Last.FM buddies know.
  • Frederic Chopin's new default picture...?

    Mar 13 2008, 2h54

    EDIT: Someone who can't take a joke flagged the picture, and now its gone. I might try for this again later, but I'll wait a while so that it doesn't get caught so fast.

    So, I've been playing a neat little game lately, entitled Eternal Sonata. In this game, you live a life inside of the mind of Frederic Chopin, in a dream world of sorts, and play as a unique set of characters in an engaging storyline that develops as you progress through the game. You even get to have Frederic Chopin as a party member, and a main character to the all around story. (obviously.)

    Anyway, onto the point of this journal. Obviously, since Chopin is in the game, he has a character that you virtually see, amirite? Well, what I decided to do was take a portrait picture of his character, from the game, and upload it to his Last.FM's picture section.

    Now, what I want you all to do. Go here, and vote 'Yes' on this picture. I think it would be absolutely amazing if we got enough votes on this that it would be made his default picture. Look at it as an internet prank, of sorts.

    The way I see it, if everyone that sees this goes onto his page and votes yes, it would only be a matter of time before it's his new default. It takes only a moment of your time, so if you see this, please do this for me. I just want to get on here and get some lulz from seeing that we actually pulled this off.

    Plus, I'll give everyone who helps a cookie.

    Love your faces!

    - sammy.

    P.S. Here's the link again, in case you somehow missed it the first time.


    P.S.S Hell, if you really have the time, go vote a 'No' on every picture above the 3D Frederic. (It's like, 10 now, I think.)
  • Chiodos/CoCa/LP concert.

    Fev 26 2008, 6h52

    Mon 25 Feb – Linkin Park, Coheed and Cambria, Chiodos

    I did not record the footage spread throughout this journal, but it is from the same show, and in outstanding quality at that. I only posted it to give people an idea as to how each band was. If you want to talk to the guy who uploaded these videos, or just to watch all of the videos he has up, click here.

    Okay, so I'll try and keep this short, but I want to get the basics out of the way.

    The concert was great.

    Chiodos was the opening act, and they were amazing.
    It's too bad their set only lasted for about 4-5 songs though.
    As for interactivity, Craig was super friendly to the crowd, by making jokes, complimenting Kentucky, telling us how awesome CoCa and LP's been to them throughout the tour, and simply talking to us inbetween songs.
    That could've stemmed from the fact that he was drunk though.

    Their best performance of the night was easily The Undertaker's Thirst For Revenge Is Unquenchable (The Final Battle).
    Craig's screams in that song are just so powerful.
    And the breakdowns are sick.
    It really blew me away.

    I really wish that Chiodos albums could contain the amount of energy and excitement that their live performances show oh so well.
    They'd be so much easier to listen to.
    Either way, my somewhat lost love for Chiodos has definitely made it's re-arrival after tonights performance.

    After they were done, they said they'd be hanging out by a concession stand during CoCa's set, just to meet new people and the like.
    I wanted to go, but the line for autographs was huge.
    Plus, I didn't want to miss any of the show.

    Coheed and Cambria was amazing, but they played way too much off of NWFT for me to fully enjoy it like I should've.
    The absence of songs like Devil in Jersey City and Everything Evil disappointed me greatly.
    But at least they played IKSSE:3 and Welcome Home.
    Which both gave me chills.

    I ended up venturing off to find Chiodos while CoCa played The Running Free and Feathers, and this was when I noticed just how long the line was.
    So I just got really close and took a picture of Craig signing someones shit.
    And a picture of Jason hugging some girl.

    Whilst chilling, I heard the intro for Welcome Home start, so I immediately headed back to my seat, as I knew this would be their final song, and one I was dying to see.
    It was amaaaazing.
    Claudio did his signature "Good Eye Sniper" guitar trick, and I reacted by going nuts.
    He also played part of the solo with his teeth, which simply amazed me.
    The entire performance was in all ways epic, and a very good way to end their show.

    While waiting for LP's pompous asses to set up the stage to their liking, I hung out near the Chiodos stand for a while.
    It took nearly 40 minutes before LP finally started playing.
    Maybe more.
    Whilst waiting, Chiodos was finishing up their autographs, and I actually had them walk past me.
    Owens had just gotten another full cup of beer, which made me laugh.

    Eventually, Linkin Park finally come out, to which the crowd went insane.
    It was pretty obvious who everyone came for.
    I won't lie, I had a lot of fun during their set, mainly because of all the interactivity.
    Y'know, singing with the crowd and the like.
    And they played a damn good show.
    But that's kind of expected, it's not like their music is entirely complex.

    Delson's guitar pieces are ridiculously simple.
    Not to mention boring.
    And Farrell's bass abilities make me lol.
    I honestly think I could play the lines he did, they were just sustained picks every 5 seconds. (Please take into account that I've never even held a bass guitar, much less know how to play one.)
    Hell, the only impressive part was a drum solo by Bourdon.

    Either way, they played a good 20 songs, which was a bit much.
    But hey, it was technically their concert.
    And it was still quite a bit of fun.
    Their closing was really good, and one of the only ones I reeeeally got into, which was Faint.

    Overall, I had a very good time.
    I just wish Chiodos and CoCa could've gotten a little more stage time, they were the real talent of the show.
    I especially wish that everyone in the crowd would've been as familiar with them as they were with LP, then it would've been a night that couldn't have been beaten.

    Either way, that's my basic summary of the whole show. If I notice something that was possibly left out, I'll re-edit.

    EDIT: I found some footage of the show on Youtube, so I posted a song from each artist in this journal. If you want to see what all else was uploaded, click here.

    Love your faces.

    - sammy.