006 - Lungs


Ago 14 2007, 2h14

Alkaline Trio - For Your Lungs Only

Released - 1998
Record Nerd Facts - Way out of print, worth a load to assholes

Side A
1. Snake Oil Tanker
2. Southern Rock

Side B
1. Cooking Wine
2. For Your Lungs Only

Another Alkaline Trio record, strap in we got more of these to cover. This 7" is also one of those things that goes for a bunch of money on ebay, but who cares. There is no sense bringing that shit up except to be a prick and rub it in people's face. Oh look at me I'm a bigger fan than you, and I've been down for way longer than you. Yeah, Yeah, I know the last post was pretty much just me gloating and being a prick but really who cares other than other pricks?
I bought this from the band at the Fireside in Chicago. God I miss the Fireside. Coolest venue I've ever been to. From when I was 16 to the point they stopped putting on shows there (and started letting shit ass movie (The Breakup) film inside it's newly cleaned up bullshit), being in a band and playing the Fireside was my idea of making it. Coolest fucking place. Oh yeah the record. Cooking Wine is still my favorite Alkaline Trio song.


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