Deep Purple @ Cloetta Center concert review


Ago 9 2008, 13h08

fre 8 aug – Deep Purple, Europe, Bonafide

Bonafide: A hard rock band from Malmö that plays... hard rock. They weren't band. but sometimes, they sounded more like a AC/DC tribute band, kinda uninspiring music and lyrics. Your 30 years too late guys!

Europe: I''m not a big fan of their newest works, sounds too much like whatever rock/metal band their is. But their new songs where MUCH better live! And when they played old 80's classics as Rock the Night, Carrie and Final Countdown as an encore (yepp, a support band playing encore, first for me) with SYNTH, then I realized that this is one of the best Swedish bands ever!

Deep Purple: wow, they shocked me just as The Who did last summer, to think that you can preform so well when you are 60 +... most shocking was Ian Gillians voice, he can still scream really loud (but sometimes it was just too much for him, but nerveless cool that he could do it!). Paice and Glover was solid as always, and Morse/AAirey showed once and for all that they ARE members of the band!

They put up an interesting setlist, with a good mix from the earlier and later albums. Only thing I can complain about is that they didn't play Perfect Strangers after Airey solo... well you can't get everything!


Fireball/ Into The Fire
Strange Kind of Woman
Rapture Of The Deep
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Contact Lost~ Steve Morse solo
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Wring That Neck
The Well Dressed Guitar
Don Airey solo
The Battle Rages On
Space Truckin'
Highway Star
Smoke on the Water

Black Night

Overall it was a great evening, all bands preformed well, good sound and the audiance was in a real good mood!



  • AdamEdvin

    The Sound at Europe was the crappiest ever! You could not hear Joeys Vocals at all! And Neither the Keyboard! But yeah the show was awsome!

    Ago 9 2008, 14h51
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