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  • kieranee

    Hello! nice pic. =) Awesome, a photographer! Btw, saw your photos, great work!

    Mai 26 2010, 10h42
  • weevilwhey

    ......... here here / a genuine straight~ahead human be ing / ...... it's been very Uplifting to make your aquaintance sir - as the lp spins * it loops * play what ya love what ya play what ya / richard

    Jun 10 2010, 2h19
  • johnTMcNeill

    my kinda guy- -"ambition makes a great musician, talent makes them famous....from ambition you acquire talent, but fame is never a guarantee - and also should not be the objective. the objective should be to compose a piece of music that you yourself enjoy. " With that attitude you will always be a happy and fulfilled man. Other things may fall apart occasionally, but there is always the music to bring you back HOME.

    Set 22 2010, 8h19
  • JukeBoxHero48

    Skiye ~ you're the best...! I know you think I'm as dumb as a brick-bat when it comes to computers ~ I AM...!!! You have tried to teach me so many things...Do I listen? Or retain? No. Anyhoo ~ keep on trying ~ I'll understand eventually (When I'm 97 & too old to care ~ TeHe)

    Ago 2 2011, 20h26
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