• My new Angie

    Set 26 2010, 8h54

    Australia has a new Prime Minister - or as i call her: my new Angie.

    Her name is Julia Gillard, and she is an australian version of Angela Merkel. Optically anyway. And the little i do follow and catch on to about politics, i reckon these 2 are gonna get on like a house on fire once they get together...

    Hoopla - i will be watching....
  • one of my favourite blogs

    Set 24 2010, 8h57

  • cake

    Set 18 2010, 9h00

    the sun is shining, it is saturday morning, i have a cake in the oven for a party this afternoon.... baking cakes makes me so happy
  • annoying

    Set 9 2010, 19h46

    i find it kinda annoying that il listen to music and it doesn't register
    am i being silly?
    I just want to show and know what stuff i am listening to
    and i have faith in thst it is gonna happen
    that it will all be on my list
    and then it's not......

    as long as it's only that!!!!
  • mixed up

    Set 9 2010, 17h14

    is what i like about my ever expanding music collection here in this ever expanding world of
    May we all be happy in the noteaand twangs and ups and downs of what we know as music