My top 5 albums of the 1990s


Mar 29 2012, 1h41

1.Alien Lanes
3.They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of the Salons
4.I Hope It Lands
5.Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

honorable mentions: Guided by Voices- Bee Thousand, My Bloody Valentine -Loveless, Suede - Suede,Sebadoh- Bakesale, The Jesus Lizard - Goat


  • AprilPhantom

    mine: 1. spiderland 2. hissing prigs in static couture 3. loveless 4. repetition 5. red medicine. mother of all saints would be 6, but i hope it lands is pretty sweet too.

    Out 23 2012, 1h21
  • AprilPhantom

    oh, actually moon pix would be 6, it's my favorite 90's album (without oversaturated guitars and weird sounds)

    Out 23 2012, 1h28
  • SillyRabbit24

    yeah, spiderland should be on my list somewhere. i left it off because i don't listen to it all the time, i have to be in a certain mood which is uttterly drained and depressed. lol red medicine im only familiar with Do You Like Me" and "Bed for the Scraping. those are two awesome songs, so i need to listen to that album soon. good list man

    Out 23 2012, 20h45
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