List of IMO the best songs, from A to Z


Dez 21 2009, 15h29

It's a list of songs from my scrobbled bands list, in my opinion the best of the best.
In brackets I put artist, then album.

A - A Change of Seasons (Dream Theater, A Change of Seasons)
A - All I Need (Within Temptation, The Heart of Everything)
B - Brave New World (Iron Maiden, Brave New World)
C - Conceiving You (Riverside, Second Life Sydrome)
D - Dream Thieves (Sonata Arctica, Takatalvi)
D - Draw Me (Sonata Arctica, Winterheart's Guild)
E - Endless Sacrifice (Dream Theater, Train of Thought)
F - The Fallen One (Hammerfall, Legacy of Kings)
F - Fade to Black (Metalica, Ride the Lightning)
G - Ghost Love Score (Nightwish, IMO the best version is in End of an Era)
H - Harvest (Opeth, Blackwater Park)
H - Hallelujah (Pain of Salvation, The Ending Themes on the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation)
I - In The Name Of God (Dream Theater, Train of Thought)
I - In Memoriam (Hammerfall, Crimson Thunder)
J - Jäästä syntynyt / Varjojen virta (Moonsorrow, Viides Luku - Hävitetty)
K - Kivenkantaja - (Moonsorrow, Kivenkantaja)
K - Krzyż - (Monstrum, VIII Dzień Tygodnia)
L - Love You to Death (Kamelot, Ghost Opera)
M - Memories (Within Temptation, The Silent Force)
N - Nemo (Nightwish, Once)
O - One (Metallica, ...And Justice For All)
P - 02 Panic Room (Riverside, 02 Panic Room)
P - Primo Victoria (Sabaton, Primo Victoria)
R - Ride the Lightning (Metallica, Ride the Lightning)
Q - Quietus (Epica, Consign to Oblivion) - really it's the only "Q" i have got, but it is still very good :)
S - Sacrificed Sons (Dream Theater, Octavarium)
S - San Sebastian (Sonata Arctica, Successor)
S - Stream Of Consciousness (Dream Theater, Train of Thought)
T - Tulimyrsky (Moonsorrow, Tulimyrsky)
T - Tuleen Ajettu Maa (Moonsorrow, Viides Luku - Hävitetty)
U - Up Through the Ashes (Kamelot, Ghost Opera)
V - VIII dzień tygodnia (Monstrum, VIII Dzień Tygodnia)
V - Victoria's Secret (Sonata Arctica, Winterheart's Guild)
W - Wander (Kamelot, Epica)
W - Wish I Had an Angel (Nightwish, Once)
W - White Pearl, Black Oceans (Sonata Arctica, Reconing Night)
Y - Yellow Raven (Pain of Salvation, Linoleum)


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