The Magnificent Metalloid Man EP


Ago 19 2009, 4h13

I just up loaded my experimental gabber extended play, The Magnificent Metalloid Man EP. It features four tracks-

Back to Sleep is a combination of an industrial hard core sound and dub step.

The Metalloid Man is a mix of gabber, dark step, and psychadelic trance. It's a whopper.

The Doors is a break core track with some melodic gabber elements. It is centered around samples of doors opening and closing. The samples are used as percussion, and to trigger and cut the other instruments.

Finally End It is a hybrid of gabber and chip tune. Yum, yum.

I also finally got around to remastering No More Computer (Look to the Future). I wrote it for The Gabber Jihad when his computer died. Check it, if you're in the mood for some happy gabber!


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