Favourite Maiden Songs


Jan 6 2006, 22h00


  • Larghetto

    Why the hell isn't Aces High on that list?

    Jan 8 2006, 1h18
  • qpwoeiruty

    Where's Powerslave? Or Rime of the Ancient Mariner? INSANITY

    Jan 14 2006, 7h59
  • Shikamaru-sama

    Ah, Rime of the Ancient Mariner isnt on for personal reasons...i CANT STAND THE FUCKING POEM, i might go into that in more detail one day. I mean, there are others which ALMOST make it on the list, like Virus and Phantom of the Opera but hell, they are -my- favourites dammit!

    Jan 14 2006, 16h47
  • Jc1990

    Hehe, nice choices, ;p Wildest Dreams the opener oF DoD is a great song :p

    Jan 21 2006, 18h21
  • henkendehenk

    good choices, but were is Prowler? I see you joined the metal mates too:) nice!

    Jan 27 2006, 10h04
  • Shikamaru-sama

    I LIKE Prowler, i like Dianno, its just halfway thruogh...Prowler kinda annoys me. I swear the song is 1 1/2 minutes long and then it just repeats itself. Its a good one but not a favourite

    Jan 27 2006, 13h26
  • pmras

    Finally I find someone who considers when two worlds collide one of the best Maiden songs. I know I must be out of my mind, but Virtual XI is a very good album :)

    Jan 27 2006, 22h23
  • annoth_x

    I like Virtual XI too. It's great album. lighting strikes twice - incredible song.

    Fev 5 2006, 20h34
  • AzRaEL_

    what about wasted years? too bad to see your list does not include it...

    Fev 12 2006, 2h45
  • Ichiro_Miyata

    Sign Of The Cross, Brave New World and Childhoods End for me :)

    Mar 3 2006, 0h37
  • sheva7


    Jul 21 2006, 14h59
  • michciu4

    not bad at all...

    Fev 12 2010, 17h59
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