• Some pics from FotN gig (last summer)

    Ago 24 2008, 19h01

    It took almost two months to get these uploaded and posted here. I don't actually know why I'm posting... maybe because music based site is a good place to publish some music based photos? ;)

    Ok, here it goes. I was standing almost back of the crowd, and avoiding rising hands, cameras and mobilephones was somewhat difficult. But, at least two of my shots succeeded. For crappy quality of the pics, I had to edit them with Photoshop.

    But well, it was a very good gig. :) Loved their costumes!

    Fields of the Nephilim @ Tuska 2008, Helsinki (Finland)

  • Time to start

    Mar 13 2008, 22h43

    I'm amazed, no journal entries yet! Maybe it's time to fix the situation, I have some nice tests and silly stuff just waiting for posting.

    So, this time...

    Top 15

    Write the top 15 artists from your page.
    Then write the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and current favourite song.

    01: Oomph!
    1st song heard: Gott ist ein Popstar
    Love: Tief in dir
    Current fave: Augen Auf

    02: Diary of Dreams
    1st song heard: The Curse
    Love: She
    Current fave: Son of a thief

    03: Paradise Lost
    1st song heard: Enchantment
    Love: Look at me now
    Current fave: Say just words

    04: Charon
    1st song heard: Little angel
    Love: As we die
    Current fave: Drive

    05: Deine Lakaien
    1st song heard: Reincarnation
    Love: Over and done
    Current fave: Fleeting

    06: Rammstein
    1st song heard: Mutter
    Love: Sonne
    Current fave: Mein herz brennt

    07: Bella Morte
    1st song heard: On the edge
    Love: On the edge
    Current fave: On the edge
    (that's quite sure it was love on first bite...)

    08: L'Âme Immortelle
    1st song heard: 5 jahre
    Love: Fallen angel
    Current fave: Fallen angel

    09: The Crüxshadows
    1st song heard: Heaven's gaze
    Love: Dragonfly
    Current fave: Dragonfly

    10: God Module
    1st song heard: Resurrection
    Love: Resurrection
    Current fave: Resurrection
    Yep, I'm very boring person, always looping same songs.

    11: Apoptygma Berzerk
    1st song heard: Love never dies
    Love: Non-stop violence
    Current fave: Non-stop violence

    12: Divercia
    1st song heard: The heard of Atlantis
    Love: 2nd ghost
    Current fave: To Forgive

    13: Blutengel
    1st song heard: Children of the night
    Love: Soul of ice
    Current fave: The Oxidising angel

    14: Poisonblack
    1st song heard: The State
    Love: The Exciter
    Current fave: Pain becomes me

    15: Das Ich
    1st song heard: Kain und Abel
    Love: Destillat
    Current fave: Tot im kopf