• commodity

    Woo! Nice to read. I reckon you'll dig it, it's pretty much an extension of 'Rams. :-) James

    Jun 29 2009, 10h07
  • Sefotron

    Ordered! Should be waiting for me when I get home! Yay!

    Jul 7 2009, 10h12
  • Sulphur

    Hey matey, cheers for the kind comments on the GABRIEL release and glad you like the hard copy. If you haven't seen already, there's a new album by Boreal Network on the Retronym site, think you'd like it!

    Jul 11 2009, 1h25
  • Sefotron

    Will check it out,thanks ^_^

    Jul 11 2009, 9h20
  • Sefotron

    Aha! I already downloaded it, and really, really like :D

    Jul 11 2009, 21h34
  • turquoise70

    cheers man! thanks for the shout out. glad you are digging the OoT comp, it's always loaded with underground internet talent of many shades. many new things from me are on the way - 3 EPs in the near future if all goes well.

    Ago 19 2009, 0h29
  • Sefotron

    I have take out the link to "Underwater" as it no longer leads to a Wiki page that in any way refers to the artist I was talking about.

    Jun 8 2010, 17h00
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