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  • Kivul

    As for Mushishi, damn, that is one of those 1 in 10 animes that was actually good, I need to finish it sometimes and also read the manga,

    2 Set 1h35 Responder
  • Kivul some of those stories are so captivating in their art, mood and story that they are, to me, impossible to resist.

    2 Set 1h28 Responder
  • Kivul

    Yes, this is why I dropped anime entirely, most things that come out are pretty subpar, and 9 times out of 10 manga or visual novel version is better. But as much as manga goes, when I have time, I enjoy those more than books. Most great stories never even get anime adaptation, and black and white style really go well with dark and mature content. I love reading psychological seinens, they work extremely well with music that I'm listening to, providing fitting soundtracks. Story itself also empowers the music in this combo, so I kill two birds with one stone.

    2 Set 1h18 Responder
  • Kivul

    Aye, I hope I can get to see Electric Wizard as they are UK band and I'm strong into stoner right now. I used to have nice high end Audio Technica in-ear monitors before, and daaaamn those were much better in pure sound quality than what Wembley Arena sounded like during that Opeth and Dream Theater gig. Sadly they broke few years ago - very fragile they were - so now I bet my money on stationary system, in home enviroment those cans should work for years if not for decades, so I'm really ready to go extra mile and pay premium to achieve that durability.

    2 Set 1h11 Responder
  • Kivul

    Btw I can see you are huge into japanese music. Is it just music, or do you read mangas as well? I wonder if people with similar taste in music have similar taste in other mediums as well.

    2 Set 0h43 Responder
  • Kivul

    I rememeber one of the support bands had this awesome sexy girl on vocals, got so mesmerized by her that now I have no idea who they were or what have they played 0_o I was in the first row ideally in front of her so I quess I was in the centre of the impact she have done. I was lucky that one of my friends moved to Southampton short before the show, so I had a place to spend the night, also luckily I had 2 day off from work so I was able to come in the first place. Good time. I'm actually going back to the UK around november, once I will get a contract. My goal is to earn enough money to buy Beyerdynamics T1 headphones and corresponding amp, decend gramophone and then I will ne able to become an avid vinyl collector. Gotta support all those bands.

    2 Set 0h35 Responder
  • Kivul

    Ha! What a coincidence, this is nigh impossible - yes, this is the one gig. So we met in our life in real! Once in a lifetime, considering how small that gig was! I still have a t-shirt from this tour. I rememeber that when Jonas announced that they will play some songs from their new album (Forsaker) some dude asked me if it is good, and I said it was great, for I had this album preordered from Peaceville and gave it tons of spins.

    1 Set 23h54 Responder
  • Kivul

    Sadly people involved in Isis moved on, mostly to Palms, which does nothing for me, not my kind of music. And since this new terrorist group hijacted their name I doubt they would be allowed to play any tours anyway : P Which saddens me. To not make me look like a total loser which saw no relevant bands live, I quickly checked your charts and I can report that I managed to see Opeth, and then Katatonia, just after they released Night Is New Day, in a small pub in the UK, with maybe 30 quests present, managed to shake a hand with everyone. Was great becasue they were my top band at the time, rarely listen to then nowadays. I had a chance to see Cult Of Luna few montyhs ago, but sadly I could not make it. So the only post-metal bands I saw live were some local bands I was luckly to stumble into in a pub the other day.

    1 Set 23h36 Responder
  • Kivul

    Hello there. And you have great set of pictures attached : ) I regret I started listening to Isis so late for I never got to see them live.

    1 Set 22h48 Responder
  • cage_descending

    It does hey. Not like The Wrestler or Black Swan where basically everyone agrees they're top bananas. It's my favourite score too. Hell of a climax, and the opener is a big 'ol dollop of soothing melancholy that I listen to often. That's not too dissimilar to my experience with Storm. It did little for me initially, but picked up over time. Especially when I began to relate more and more to the lyrical journey. Man, one of these days I really, really, really need to get around to diving into Silent Hill. Hopefully before Kojima reboots it, which I'm sure will be incredible...

    30 Ago 13h27 Responder
  • cage_descending

    Always good to bump into another Fountain afficionado, it's not like there are an awful lot. TEoES is incredible, it's seen me through some very tough spots, for which I am eternally grateful. You lie in the snowww...

    29 Ago 8h52 Responder
  • tensotensoq

    ohh, but you're from the UK, hahah. I'm a really poor brazilian. I guess I'll never have the chance to attend their concert :( I mean, I'm always afraid they'll disband before I have a chance to go to Japan or something (and that will take a lot of time). but yeah, I believe they must be amazing, I'm always watching their lives and they're amazing. :(

    25 Ago 2h03 Responder
  • spacejunk666

    sadness everywhere,my favorites bands/artists never will come to Brazil.

    1 Ago 18h25 Responder
  • dawnclover

    Hey! Thanks. Yeah, I live in Tokyo now. I'm thinking of going to one of their shows here this year though!

    31 Jul 2h02 Responder
  • concretebadger

    Yeah, I went and booked my ticket as soon as I got back from Paris. Congrats on getting hold of one too - they seem to have been selling fast. It would definitely be cool to meet up beforehand!

    26 Jul 14h08 Responder
  • Kyzumi

    Nevermind! Just found it on soulseek!

    10 Jul 11h56 Responder
  • Kyzumi

    Chris Christodoulou and Akira Yamaoka? Nice taste! Could you find anything by Chris other than the RoR soundtrack though? I can't find his album anywhere

    10 Jul 11h43 Responder
  • Ennish

    That is an amazing set list! And you were right: they did focus on mainly their anime tracks (especially their more recent ones), though I'm sure that didn't lessen the experience in any way. Kalafina putting on a show in the west of any kind is a big deal, so that kind of audience reaction is to be expected. There have been times when I've hoped for Kalafina touring the west outside of anime cons, though I'm sure that that would never happen.

    8 Jul 15h35 Responder
  • Ennish

    Keiko's voice is powerful enough that it rattles the room. During her solo bit at the end of "Mata Kaze ga Tsuyokunatta", I could actually feel my chest vibrate. This was also back in 2009, so luckily, you'll have more of a variety with the Japan Expo setlist.

    25 Jun 22h54 Responder
  • Ennish

    Hello! I saw in the Kalafina shoutbox that you're going to see the group at Japan Expo in France. I saw Kalafina 5 years ago in Boston when they were promoting Seventh Heaven in the U.S. Even though they sang the songs karaoke-style, their voices filled up the room. I don't know if that'll be the case with the Japan Expo concert, but you'll love it either way. :)

    25 Jun 3h52 Responder
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