• There's No Preparing for the Desperate

    Jul 15 2012, 19h31

    Sat 14 Jul – Desperate session vol.1
    When Herold_ called me to swing the needle for this one, I was rather pessimistic about it. The media coverage was nearly unexistent, it was announced next to nowhere, and the head of the crew known for his habit of disappearing in the middle of something important to make a hawk and put on make-up. On top of that, I've never heard the headliners, My coffin rats, before, assuming them to be just another random band. My mistake. The guys rocked the bejesus out of me. They totally saved the night. I haven't heard anyone that good in a long while. Not among the local bands anyway. They deserve to be heard more. Infinite kudos and respect. After the Rats took a bus back to their coffin, the two other bands played. They were le dahlia noir and Old Cat's Drama. Unfortunately I only heard them during the soundcheck (while tweaking the levels for them on a mysteriously old mixer unit), so I couldn't have paid enough of attention to the actual music. Despite that, I can say we got scene alright. The rest of the night was left to DJs. Ironically, the venue's location is in the basement in the very official block in the center of the city. With windows widely open, I take it the bankers and ambassadors had to listen to a whole lotta rockin' darkness. After 4 AM it was a wrap and we took off into the night as a big crowd. And nothing else mattered.
    P.S. The club owners are nice and kind guys. Thanks for allowing it to happen at your place.
    P.P.S. Herold_, next time let's make sure to make it strong on the technical side as well. It's far from fun struggling for the sound not to collapse into noise and feedback madness, rather than actually setting up proper sound. Chaos is cool, but you can't run forever on luck and charisma alone.
  • Voice from the broken light

    Ago 20 2007, 18h06

    Sun 19 Aug – Broken Light Skyshine: the dark ambience session

    My conscience is finally in relative order, so i'll put a few words about the event we've had yesterday.
    Within urban limits, yet unseen, unheard and unreachable by those of the populace, sinking in the wires, the place have been awaiting it's victims.
    The final preparations were made, the attendance let in, and so it began.
    Starting the session, Divuar put some industrial whispers, while on the floor, Alchemist was playing with dead wires, bringing life into them.
    Divuar played his part very well: in less than fourty minutes, some of the people started experiencing altered mindstates. Ecstatic set, can't but admit.
    As the remaining illumination was removed, and fragrant substace was set, the potions were gaven out.
    Some time later, Vlad Tepes took his turn to set up his own atmosphere. It was a return to the real world to hear some good old fathers of ambient music. Dead Can Dance, Black Tape for a Blue Girl were cheering glimpses of light in the eternity of darkness.
    The speech of a mad rambling prophet known as White Owl, recorded earlier on the city streets, was played through with

    Deutsch Nepal's shamanic, and those minutes nearly made the day. Such LSD-suppressed prophets are living reminders, "don't use designer drugs".
    The next to set up the atmosphere was Sean Deigh. I'll leave this one for the others to judge, because Sean Deigh is who i am. So far i know they were delighted.
    The Alchemist with his set returned everyone to the real world again.
    And finally, the performers occupied their positions on the stage.
    Rich use of uncommon instruments, perverse sound pickups, and the devils under the ceiling finally resulted in some hardware death. The rest was silence.
    Demounting the commutation, packing up and leaving the place in peace. The end.

    To sum things up:
    Endless thanks to The Alchemist for providing the place, much of the equipment, making the potion, for many good turns and for taking part. Without you, nothing would've been possible.
    The "DJs" have shown a good taste and skill in setting the atmosphere. To feel horror and tranquility, sheer sorrow and epic triumph, to have everyone feel these feelings with all their essence was the goal, and it was completely reached.
    Live performances showed our degree of readiness to exceed the limits of the studio sound, discovered some of our strong and weak sides.
    The roleplay drama timeshifted to the next friday. Note to all actors: altered mindstates and passiveness don't mix with roleplay very good.
    Thanks everyone for your parts.
    Sean Deigh over and out.

    P.S.We heard a few complaints from important and respected people, that they were in no way informed of the event.
    We indeed apologise. Know that this was our first attempt on such level. More events are planned for the future. We will not forget you next time.
    Truly yours, the Broken Light Skyshiners
  • Broken Light Skyshine

    Ago 13 2007, 9h05

    The Brown's Movement and Sean Deigh are glad to announce the first dark ambience session ever made in the region.
    Broken Light Skyshine: the dark ambience session

    The community is growing, and every member contributes much to it's creative affairs.
    The session is set to explore the new grounds for the community's activities, discover extra capabilities of the team and it's members, and define the new ways for it's future.

    More information will follow.
    The Brown's Movement
    Sean Deigh