Out 15 2007, 19h30

Take the first 64 songs that come up on shuffle:

--- --- --- --- ---

1. I Would Die For You
2. Can't catch Tomorrow
3. I Want You Back
4. Plug In Baby
5. Riot Van
6. Balaclava
7. Here We Go Again
8. Line And Sinker
9. Hotel Yorba
10. Sunday Mornings
11. Boys Wanna Fight
12. For Reasons Unknown
13. Cobrastyle
14. The Only Difference
15. Try Honestly
16. Ass Like That
17. Learn to Fly
18. Whoa
19. Sweetness
20. Town Called Malice
21. Reason Is Treason
22. Scar Tissue
23. Hate (I Really Don't Like You)
24. Playmate Of The Year
25. American Idiot
26. Black Balloon
27. over my head
28. Elevation
29. Scummy
30. Dakota
31. Glass Dance
32. The Bitch Song
33. Girls and Boys
34. No Tomorrow
35. In Too Deep
36. To the End
37. Californication
38. Do You Want To
39. What If God Smoked Cannabis
40. Surrender
41. Shot to the heart
42. Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
43. Welcome to the Black Parade
44. Seven Days in the Sun
45. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
46. My Style
47. When I Grow Up
48. Everyday Combat
49. Me Plus One
50. Last Request
51. Harder to Breathe
52. Who's David
53. Anything Goes
54. I Ran
55. The Funeral of Hearts
56. Never Let This Go
57. All the Small Things
58. Time Is Running Out
59. Shut Up and Drive
60. Don't Jump
61. Special
62. Next Ex-Girlfriend
63. Over The Edge
64. I Predict a Riot

--- --- --- --- ---

A. Favourite song from 1-4:
Can't catch Tomorrow

B.Favourite song from 5-8:
Line And Sinker

C. Favourite song from 9-12:
Boys Wanna Fight

D. Favourite song from 13-16:
Try Honestly

E. Favourite song from 17-20:
Learn to Fly

F. Favourite song from 21-24:
Reason Is Treason

G. Favourite song from 25-28:
over my head

H. Favourite song from 29-32:
The Bitch Song

I. Favourite song from 33-36:
No Tomorrow

J. Favourite song from 37-40:

K. Favourite song from 41-44:
Seven Days in the Sun

L. Favourite song from 45-48:
When I Grow Up

M. Favourite song from 49-52:
Me Plus One

N. Favourite song from 53-56:
I Ran

O. Favourite song from 57-60:
Time Is Running Out

P. Favourite song from 61-64:
I Predict a Riot

--- --- --- --- ---

i. Favourite song from A-D:
Can't catch Tomorrow

ii. Favourite song from E-H:
The Bitch Song

iii. Favourite song from I-L:
Seven Days in the Sun

iv. Favourite song from M-P:
Time Is Running Out

--- --- --- --- ---

Overall favourite song (from i-iv):
Can't catch Tomorrow

--- --- --- --- ---

Bands involved:

Garbage (x4)
Lost Prophets (x2)
The Kooks
Muse (x2)
Arctic Monkeys (x3)
The Hives
Billy Talent (x3)
The White Stripes
Maroon 5 (x2)
The Killers
Teddybears Sthlm & Mad Cobra
Panic! at the Disco
Foo Fighters
Paramore (x2)
Jimmy Eat World
The Jam
Kasabian (x2)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (x2)
Plain White T's
Zebrahead (x2)
Green Day (x2)
Goo Goo Dolls
The Frey
The Faint
Bowling for Soup (x3)
Good Charlotte
Sum 41
My Chemical Romance (x2)
Franz Ferdinand
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Bon Jovi
Black Eyed Peas
Paolo Nutini
Guns N' Roses
Tokio Hotel
Kaiser Chiefs


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