• Bands I've Seen in 2014

    Fev 10 2014, 3h12

    Into It. Over It.
    The World Is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die (x2)
    A Great Big Pile of Leaves
    Thus Owls
    The Antlers
    Chet Faker
    Little Dragon
    Tycho (x2)
    Phoenix (x3)
    Ryan Hemsworth
    Built to Spill
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Flying Lotus
    The Strokes (x2)
  • Bands I've Seen Live 2013

    Abr 18 2013, 3h55

    Lord Huron
    The Shouting Matches
    Aesop Rock
    Of Monsters & Men
    Passion Pit (x2)
    Modest Mouse (x3)
    Beach House
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Purity Ring
    The Stone Roses
    Wild Nothing
    Dropkick Murphys
    Ben Howard
    Bat For Lashes
    Violent Femmes
    Portugal. the Man (x3)
    Hot Chip
    The Postal Service
    The XX
    Sigur Ros (x2)
    Phoenix (x2)
    The Gaslight Anthem
    James Blake
    Tame Impala
    Vampire Weekend (x2)
    Pretty Lights
    Wu Tang Clan
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    All Get Out

    Coming Soon
    The World Is A Beautiful Place
  • Band's I've Seen Live 2012

    Fev 13 2012, 15h37

    Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground
    The Dear Hunter
    Anthony Green
    I the Mighty
    A Lot Like Birds
    Dance Gavin Dance
    Radiohead (x2)
    The Shins (x2)
    The Twerps
    Real Estate
    Benjamin Francis Leftwich
    Eyes Lips Eyes
    Modest Mouse (x2)
    Fitz & the Tantrums
    Beck (x2)
    Foo Fighters
    Justice (x2)
    Portugal. the Man (x2)
    Explosions in the Sky (x2)
    Norah Jones
    Sigur Ros
    fun. (x2)
    Franz Ferdinand
    City and Colour (x2)
    Jack White
    Stevie Wonder
    Ben Harper
    Balance & Composure
    Touche Amore
    Circa Survive
    Girl In A Coma
    Minus the Bear
    Louis XIV (x2)
  • Bands I've Seen in 2011

    Mar 16 2011, 21h48

    No Joy
    Best Coast
    Good Old War
    Mountain Man
    The Decemberists
    The Rural Alberta Advantage
    Omar Rodriguez Lopez
    The Drums
    Cee Lo Green
    Lauryn Hill
    The Black Keys
    Kings of Leon
    Crystal Castles
    The Chemical Brothers
    Mariachi El Bronx
    The Joy Formidable
    Freelance Whales
    The Tallest Man on Earth
    The Radio Dept.
    Two Door Cinema Club
    Jenny & Johnny
    Broken Social Scene
    Bright Eyes
    Mumford & Sons
    Animal Collective
    Arcade Fire
    Good Old War
    Eliza Doolittle
    City & Colour
    Nas & Damian Marley
    Death From Above 1979
    Duran Duran
    The Strokes
    Kanye West
    Taking Back Sunday
    The Cave Singers
    Fleet Foxes
    The Bahamas
    Noah & the Whale
    The New Regime
    Colour Revolt
    Taking Back Sunday (x2)
    The Hot Toddies
    Zeche's Marquise
    Rx Bandits
    Frightened Rabbit
    Death Cab For Cutie (x2)
    Twin Sister
    Explosions in the Sky
    Sainthood Reps
    Brand New (x2)
    Bon Iver
    Moving Mountains
    La Dispute
    Thrice (x2)
  • Bands I Saw 2010

    Mai 22 2010, 6h15

    The Morning Benders
    Broken Bells
    The Silent Comedy
    Dirty Sweet
    Rolling the Stone (rolling stones tribute band)
    The Aggrolites
    Dick Dale
    B-Side Players
    Passion Pit
    Nicole Atkins
    The Black Keys
    J-Roddy Walston & the Business
    Deer Tick
    White Rabbits
    White Denim
    Portugal. The Man
    Good Old War
    Tokyo Police Club
    Sleigh Bells
    Temper Trap
    Against Me!
    The Black Keys (x2)
  • How I Discovered my top 25 Artists

    Ago 21 2009, 21h50

    (As of Aug. 21st 2009)

    1. Radiohead
    In 7th grade I was told they were a punk band, and then i saw their article for paranoid android in the "500 Greatest Rock Songs" in Rolling Stone. Boy i was in for a wonderful suprise
    First Song: Paranoid Android
    Favorite Song: Pyramid Song

    2. Sublime
    Heard "Santeria" on the radio as a child. Rediscovered my love for the song on a TV commercial for something like "I Love the 90's Alt." Bought their Greatest Hits
    First Song: Santeria
    Favorite Song:Badfish

    3. The Shins
    Heard the hype of the Garden State soundtrack when it first came out, Fell in love with "New Slang"
    First song: New Slang
    Favorite Song:New Slang

    4. The Beatles
    I've listened to The Beatles since i was a baby.
    First memory of listening to the Beatles: Hey Jude
    Favorite Song: Here Comes the Sun

    5. Led Zeppelin
    In 6th grade I was really into Classic Rock, but the only two bands i knew were AC/DC and Van Halen, so i asked my dad for similar bands and he recomended Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, etc...
    First Song: Communication Breakdown
    Favorite Song:Immigrant Song

    6. Modest Mouse
    Some kids i knew in middle school gave me a CD full of crap like My Chemical Romance and whatnot, but managed to put one good song on there "Ocean Breathes Salty" by Modest Mouse
    First Song: Ocean Breathes Salty
    Favorite Song: Gravity Rides Everything

    7. Rise Against
    My good buddy Garrett was in love with them, and since we have a mutual agreement of hatred on each others music, i didn't give them a try, After Guitar Hero 2, i started to warm up to them, and eventually discovered their amazing lyrics
    First Song: Prayer of the Refugee
    Favorite Song: Survive

    8. Pink Floyd
    Read about "Dark Side of the Moon," being the album with the most copies sold, so i picked up the album for a flight. Listened to it on repeat on my cd player for hours.
    First Song: Speak to Me/Breathe
    Favorite Song: Comfortably Numb

    9. Pepper
    My friend Jesse had "Give It Up" on a mix CD, got into them after my ska mode.
    They really shouldn't be my number 9, but at the time i loved them.
    First Song: Give It Up
    Favorite Song: Tradewinds

    10. The Strokes
    Heard "Juicebox" the day it came out, I liked the riff, Downloaded it along with "Last Nite"
    First song: Juicebox
    Favorite Song: Razorblade

    11. Death Cab For Cutie
    Heard "Soul Meets Body" on 94.9 it was recomended so it was on all the time, (when it first came out) I was in love with this song.
    First Song: Soul Meets Body
    Favorite Song: I Will Follow You Into The Dark

    12. Blink-182
    5th grade talent show, someone played air guitar to "All the Small Things"
    Got into them when someone gave me a mix CD with "Dumpweed"
    First Song: All the Small Things
    Favorite Song: Dumpweed

    13. Rage Against the Machine
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on Nintendo 64, They had the song "Guerilla Radio."
    Got into them when i had an epiphony.
    First Song: Guerilla Radio
    Favorite Song: Bullet in the Head

    14. Incubus
    Sadly in 4th grade i owned a Now Volume (i believe 7 at the time). It had the song "Drive," probablly the only good song on there.
    First Song: Drive
    Favorite Song: Pardon Me

    15. Jack Johnson
    Heavy Radio Play on my parents Adult Alternative Station
    First Song: Bubble Toes
    Favorite Song: Mediocre Bad Guys

    16. Zox
    Recomended by Napster for some ska band.
    First Song: Starry Night
    Favorite Song: A Little More Time

    17. The Misfits
    Recomended for The Ramones, and I liked the cover art, so i bought their cd before listening to them.
    First Song: Last Caress
    Favorite Song: Helena

    18. Pavement
    Heard "Summer Babe (Winter Version)" on the Radio as a kid, Didn't know who it was until my older cousin introduced them to me.
    First Song: Summer Babe (Winter Version)
    Favorite Song: Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite At:17

    19. Pearl Jam
    Radio play on my parents Adult Alternative radio station
    First Song: Jeremy
    Favorite Song: Off He Goes

    20. The Rolling Stones
    Heard "You Can't Always Get What You Want," on TV
    Discovered I liked them when on vacation and hearing "Paint It Black"
    First Song: You Can't Always Get What You Want
    Favorite Song: Beast of Burden

    21. The Ramones
    Saw someone at school with their t-shirt and so I checked them out.
    First Song: Blitzkrieg Bop
    Favorite Song: Bonzo Goes to Bitburg

    22. Rx Bandits
    Recomended here on Last.fm
    First Song: Only For The Night
    Favorite Song: Sell You Beautiful

    23. The Cure
    Radio play on parents station with "Lovesong", "Just Like Heaven," "Friday I'm In Love," & "Pictures of You"
    First Song: (One of the 4 above)
    Favorite Song: Close to Me

    24. Tool
    I saw the video for "Stinkfist" on MTV 2 one day
    First Song: Stinkfist
    Favorite Song: Ticks & Leeches

    25. Bright Eyes
    A friend burned me a mix CD with a couple of their songs on it.
    First Song: At the Bottom of Everything
    Favorite Song: It's Cool We Can Still Be Friends
  • Incubus Set List

    Jul 11 2009, 1h56

    1. Priveledge
    2. Pardon Me
    3. Nice To Know You
    4. Anna Molly
    5. Stellar
    6. Black Heart Inertia
    7. Megalomaniac
    8. Love Hurts
    9. Drive (Acoustic)
    10. Dig (W/ surf like song in the middle)
    11. (Didgeridoo opener) Redefine
    12. A Certain Shade of Green
    13. Pistola
    14. Oil & Water
    15. Circles
    16 Quicksand
    17. A Kiss To Send Off
    18. I Wish You Were Here

    19. Punch Drunk
    20. Aqueous Transmission
  • No Doubt set list

    Mai 23 2009, 17h09

    Fri 22 May – No Doubt, Paramore

    1. Spiderwebs
    2. Hella Good
    3. Underneath It All
    4. Excuse Me Mr. (slowed down)
    5. Ex-Girlfriend
    6. End On This
    7. Simple Kind Of Life
    8. Bathwater
    9. Ska Filler (outfit change for Gwen)
    10. New
    11. Hey Baby
    12. Running
    13. Different People (Introduce band in middle of song w/ individual solos)
    14. Don't Speak
    15. It's My Life
    16. Just A Girl

    17. Rock Steady
    18. Stand & Deliver (Adam Ant Cover)
    19. Sunday Morning

    we all had fun, great show, Gwen wore three different outfits haha, went out into the crowd for just a girl, took a picture for some girl, and she was given a stuffed animal, oh and the sounds suck, and paramore was ok, but i'm not really into them, im sure they're good if you like them
  • Set List

    Mai 12 2009, 6h52

    Mon 11 May – The Shins

    set list
    1. australia
    2. pam berry
    3. phantom limb
    4. saint simon
    5. red rabbits
    6. girl inform me
    7. (new song)
    8. sea legs (extended)
    9. sphagnum esplande
    10. mine's not a high horse
    11. girl don't tell me (beach boys cover)
    12. so says i
    13. (new song) (really good)
    14. caring is creepy
    15. girl on the wing
    16. those to come
    17. sleeping lessons

    18. helpless (crosby, stills, nash cover)(changed ontario to mexico)(played with a member from delta spirit)
    19. one by one all day
    20. new slang
  • Bands I Saw live in 2009

    Jan 30 2009, 22h04

    The Submarines
    The Morning Benders
    Death Cab For Cutie
    Cold War Kids
    Delta Spirit
    The Shins
    Ben Folds
    No Doubt
    The Expendables
    Star Death and the White Dwarves
    The Flaming Lips
    The Devil Wears Prada
    Meg & Dia
    Modest Mouse
    Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band
    Band Of Horses
    Ben Harper and Relentless7
    Pearl Jam
    Manchester Orchestra
    Brand New
    White Rabbits
    Manchester Orchestra (x2)
    Vampire Weekend
    Reel Big Fish