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Abr 27 2007, 15h45

There are times when things are just genrally bad and you feel kinda lousy. But sometimes, these rare occasions come along that may alter your mood for the better and make you feel really damn happy and excited.

I finally found TWO albums that I've wanted for a while now! *bounces* For a good price too. Internet is the shit, hehe.

Albatross - The Classic Crime

Ah, Albatross.. <3
Have to say that The Classic Crime are one of my fave bands atm. Great album, great band. Really love the vocals, very powerful and melodic. Greatness. =)

Clearing the Channel - Sinch

Hydroplane Don't really have to say much else. =)

Megastore.se rocks!

Oh, and I kinda stole some ideas, or should I say got some "inspiration" from Pål (AudioInjection), hehe. Hope he doesn't mind =)
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  • AudioInjection

    of course not!! =D

    Mai 28 2007, 14h51
  • ScreamItAway

    Haha, you slowass =)

    Mai 28 2007, 14h52
  • AudioInjection

    you should know by now that I care so little about you that a rarely bother visiting your page, let alone comment on something.

    Mai 28 2007, 15h14
  • ScreamItAway

    So why are you bothering commenting now all of a sudden?

    Mai 28 2007, 15h36
  • AudioInjection

    because I'm BORED, duh.

    Mai 28 2007, 17h31
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