Gina Moryson present: Sentimental Lounge with Saxophone from me (free Music on…


Mar 3 2010, 8h43

Hello All my Friends ..,

some new Tracks from me Did I Lost Your Love (Live) , and At That Time, I Was A Child (Live) for Chil ,Lounge and Dreams

and I pleased for my first Fan Group of Last FM , you are welcome, Gina Moryson Group ,

Kussi Gina Moryson (Composer & Free Music Producer on Creative commons)

Gina from Sax & Moryson , G.M.Orchestra , Orchestra de Blonde , Project System 12 ,E.Th.Orkester , SexyPhone , Gina Moryson , and other



  • medusaae

    wonderful music

    Mar 3 2010, 20h40
  • Pilgrim67

    love it Gina

    Mar 5 2010, 4h54
  • plyge

    I love this songs

    Mar 7 2010, 17h39
  • streicker


    Mar 11 2010, 16h12
  • zapmusic

    Good music my babygirl

    Mar 12 2010, 10h46
  • faxxxy

    I love your music, The sound to me feels like wind flowing through the mountains on a warm summer day. Keep doing what your heart tells you to do, It makes the world seem much much better....

    Mar 22 2010, 7h17
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