Album Review: Ratatat - Classics


Jan 9 2010, 19h40

This time it's Ratatat.

Classics does not stray much from the unique electronic/rock sound that the band crafted on their debut album Ratatat. The synthesizer and guitar tones fit the majestic, intricate melodies and layers that are found throughout the album and despite possibly necessitating several listens to fully appreciate, its incredibly catchy for an entirely instrumental album. Many of the songs would not be out of place in a video game, but that doesn’t detract from the pure enjoyment and passion that they convey. While there is a certain monotony in the style and tone of the songs, they’re never boring and the nuances of the songs are what set them apart.

The song “Lex” features a sweeping melody that drives the song and is contrasted by a staccato, edgy riff that exemplifies two of Ratatat’s approaches to hooks and showcases their great songwriting. “Nostrand” features a two minute calm build up that doesn’t really go anywhere until all the instruments fade, only for everything to kick back in, in what can only be described as musical euphoria. The majestic and sweeping climax of the song give the first two minutes the context they need to make sense and make the song one of the highlights of the album. The fourth track, titled “Wildcat” has a melancholic, relaxing atmosphere to it which features a repeating guitar melody that is especially well complemented by the bass and synth lines. The final song, “Tacobel Canon”, is a well-crafted outro to an album that thoroughly entertains and never pretends to be more than it is.

Overall, the album is fun and easy to enjoy, and my personal favorite of the band’s 3 LPs so far.



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