March Nineteenth's Top Ten


Mar 21 2006, 7h43

So I've decided this will be a semi-regular thing with me. 'Semi-regular' meaning 'whenever I remember to'. So here you go.

1. The Smashing Pumpkins - 92 plays

Yeah. Again. Number one. I think that'll change this week. I'm going to find something different to whore out. Though this week's most whored track was Zero. Ah, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, what a stellar album. :D

2. A Perfect Circle - 30 plays

To be honest, I haven't been really listening to A Perfect Circle. With every other band on here I've actually listened and enjoyed everything. However, with APC, it became nothing more than filler, really. This doesn't mean I dislike them (obviously, they're number 2), it just means that they haven't really grabbed my attention this week. Though I have to admit,
The Nurse Who Loved Me has been grabbing me of late. It's just terribly interesting.

3. Chris Cornell - 30 plays

I long for the day when Chris Cornell tells Audioslave to fuck off and goes back to making beautifully haunting and melancholic music a la Euphoria Morning. Not that Audioslave is overly horrible (just a little bit), but both Chris and the boys from Rage Against the Machine are completely wasted in that band. To be honest, I'd love to see Tom Morello do some solo work. That'd be awesome.

Stand out track/s this week: Wave Goodbye and Disappearing One.

4. Soundgarden - 30 plays

Again, just reliving the glory of the early nineties. Not that I was really old enough to comprehend it, but so many songs I grew up with belonged to that Seattle grunge movement. It just astounds me how many songs I actually know and remember from then. Reminiscing is fun. Highest ranking tracks include
Smokestack Lightning and New Damage. Both fucking fantastic.

5. Ben Harper - 25 plays

All of these plays come from Ben's new album Both Sides of the Gun (which I can't link to yet, damnit!) and I'm really liking it. Get It Like You Want It and Reason To Mourn are wonderful.

6. Alice in Chains - 20 plays

Aboug 90% of the AIC I played is from MTV Unplugged. A workmate burnt me a copy of the DVD and after watching it late last week I've been whoring them out ever since. They could well contend with The Smashing Pumpkins for the top spot next week. Got Me Wrong has been my favourite this week.

7. Desert Sessions - 19 plays

Ah, Josh Homme, where would the world be without you? Kyuss, queens of the stoneage, Eagles of Death Metal. You're a band whore, but hell if I don't love you for it. I'm Here For Your Daughter is fucking neat. Throw PJ Harvey in on a track like Crawl Home, and you've got utter brilliance.

8. Slayer - 19 plays

Angel of Death is fucking awesome. No questions. I will always have fun rocking out to Slayer. Sometimes you just have a shit week and want to crank something decidedly angry and yell at the top of your lungs. Slayer helps me do that. :D

9. Matchbook Romance - 19 plays

I know. I'm going to get given shit for being an emo bitch, but hell if Monsters isn't one catchy motherfucker. I've stopped caring, actually. So I like music that emo kids like. So what? I make up for it by listening to Slayer and all the other good shit I've mentioned.

10. Seether - 18 plays

It's all about The Gift this week. It's not a bad little ditty really, and like Matchbook Romance, they're not the greatest band in the world, but they're catchy and I enjoy 'em.

Until next week, my pretties.


  • LaterThatDay

    mee likee thine music taste ;) Zero must be Smashing Pumpkins best song. Chris should definitely do more solo projects (or go back to the boys in Soundgarden preferably both). Layne Staly should stop being dead., and Maynard should do more A Perfect Circle. Keep up the good work.

    Mar 21 2006, 21h48
  • Sarey

    'Layne Staley should stop being dead.' I love that. I had quite the wee giggle. After the being sad bit of course. And thank you. :)

    Mar 22 2006, 4h37
  • Evilpoptart

    I would have Josh Hommes baby if I had a vaginal opening and a uterus. Yes, I would.

    Mar 26 2006, 12h00
  • Sarey

    Hey, I have both of those! I CAN HAVE JOSH HOMMES BABY!

    Mar 26 2006, 19h31
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