A Game of Lyrics


Nov 28 2007, 5h49

If you've been on the website for five minutes, you've probably seen something like this before.

The irony contained herein is that I rarely pay any attention at all to lyrics until I am fully acquainted with the musical structure and rhythmic workings of a song. But here you go - you ought to know how this goes by now, 40 songs that came up on shuffle, I'll provide the first lyric and a list of artists (one song each) and you guess the songs. Italic lyrics are guessed lyrics.

1. On candy-stripe legs the spider-man comes, softly through the shadow of the evening sun. Lullaby

2. Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity; calculate what we will or will not tolerate. The Grudge

3. You don't have a clue what it is like to be next to you.

4. So if that was a response, then you can call this reaction.

5. Slow down, this is slipping through my mind, this conversation has run out of time. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X., F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P.

6. Enable to bring out the something you want to know, beneath the snow. Snow Brigade

7. I've been phoning night and morning, I heard you say 'Tell him I'm not home'.

8. Sometimes I think this cycle never ends, we slide from top to bottom and we turn and climb again. Expo '86

9. Need I say I love you? Need I say I care? Need I say that emotion's something we don't share?

10. Hey, let's cross the sea and get some culture.

11. Garasu no beddo ni, toraware no motion; tesaguri de shukoju wa kamikudaku.

12. You said you'd meet us in the middle of the afternoon, we said we're frustrated. All Deliberate Speed

13. You know what it feels like to be naked, to be ground.

14. They do it down on camber sands, they do it at Waikiki. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)

15. Palms are fitted black and finely tuned to triggers that cause bodies that tremble.

16. I remember all of this in slow motion, every tawdry detail.

17. Lot of knots, lot of snags, lot of holes, lot of cracks, lot of crags. Get Over It

18. I'm sick of waking up alone, honey I'm pleading - let's put away the sticks and stones, be human beings.

19. Neonecropopulace has no reflection, neocaeczaristic phallic ruins - just east of the river Denial the techs are breathing, welcome to this Neotokyo.

20. Dear, I fear that we're facing a problem: you love me no longer, I know, and maybe there is nothing that I can do to make you do. Lovefool

21. God, that was strange to see you again, introduced by a friend of a friend. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

22. This is how it is when it first sounds, set to change the world with your fist down.

23. Quit making faces at the one I love, these errant tightropes that you're thinking of. Eleven

24. Leave me alone, I'm seething. I search for the truth and love in your eyes, help me to feel I'm needed.

25. Can you take this broken boy and put the pieces back as one? A Town Called Hypocrisy

26. We pinned the tail on Johnny Polanski, and asked 'mother may I', and she said I was it.

27. Convoluted overture, cacophony in form, catch a beating from a coma, camera focus on the norm.

28. My shame is cold like a grave, but my lust is hot like an engine, with pistons that pump and a heart that thumps to the beat. The Guilt Engine

29. Looking through the window can you tell me what you see? You're sure you're really seeing what is meant to be? In a Glass House

30. Make a hole with a gun perpendicular to the name of this town in a desktop globe - exit wound in a foreign nation, showing the home of the one this was written for. Ana Ng

31. There's lots of pretty people here, sharing stories and passing letters and there's lots of questions answered and metaphysical astronomical songs. The Whole World And You

32. I'm not a trapper, you're not a rabbit. Don't look at me like that; I want your old face back.

33. The yellow walls are lined with portraits and I've got my new red fetching leather jacket. Poses

34. I'm learning, I'm yearning, I'm burning all your stuff - but that's not enough. Thanks That Was Fun

35. With one light on in one room, I know you're up when I get home. Hunter

36. I'll take something to believe, something with long sleeves because it's unpredictable.

37. This is what you see when you look in my direction: incandescent corset straws tied like wires. Signals Over The Air

38. Whoa, are we moving too slow? Uncle Remus

39. Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing newborn nebulas in bloom. Nice To Know You

40. You want to be alone, you've seen too much for one life, you're sickened by what was shown.

As Tall As Lions
Barenaked Ladies
The Cardigans
The Cure
Death Cab for Cutie
Eddi Reader
The Fall of Troy
Frank Zappa
¡Forward, Russia!
Gatsbys American Dream
Gavin Castleton
Gentle Giant
Huey Lewis & The News
Jonatha Brooke
Ken Stringfellow
The Mars Volta
Minus the Bear
Pedro the Lion
Portugal. The Man
Rufus Wainwright
Tally Hall
These Arms Are Snakes
They Might Be Giants
Youngblood Brass Band


  • naryaxword

    29. Looking through the window can you tell me what you see? You're sure you're really seeing what is meant to be? in a glasshouse

    Nov 28 2007, 21h18
  • charlotteee

    21] your ex-lover is dead - stars

    Nov 28 2007, 23h11
  • anstei

    2. Tool - Ænema =)

    Nov 28 2007, 23h33
  • jonahtakalua

    1. The Cure - Lullaby 5. The Fall Of Troy - F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. or F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P. :S 25. Lostprophets - A Town Called Hypocrisy 39. Incubus - Nice To Know You

    Nov 29 2007, 7h19
  • fjersnam

    8 - Death Cab For Cutie - Expo '86

    Nov 29 2007, 7h58
  • SamuraiMoose

    1, 5, 14, 20, 21, 25, 29, 34, 39 are now gone. Well done Jonah on getting both versions of 5. Lyric 2, however, is a case of the confounded 'correct band, incorrect song'.

    Nov 29 2007, 8h08
  • SamuraiMoose

    Also number 8. Must have been slipped in there while I had the window open before I replied.

    Nov 29 2007, 8h26
  • jadeybeans

    30-Ana Ng

    Nov 29 2007, 17h26
  • asdeafas

    38. is definitely Uncle Remus by Frank Zappa.

    Nov 29 2007, 21h16
  • ladyofsorrows89

    37. Thursday - Signals Over the Air

    Nov 30 2007, 4h57
  • kalsonberry

    12. Mae - All Delibrate Speed

    Nov 30 2007, 8h23
  • sarahmeagan

    35 Dido, I guess Hunter is the title?

    Dez 1 2007, 14h11
  • SamuraiMoose

    Four more down, and that's about all for the ones I expected to be answered quickly.

    Dez 2 2007, 22h53
  • Matticus_x

    17. OK Go - Get Over It 31. Tally Hall - The Whole World and You

    Dez 4 2007, 4h38
  • Matticus_x

    ^ Both freaking awesome songs, I must say.

    Dez 4 2007, 14h11
  • anstei

    Uh, what have I been drinking when writing Ænemafor track 2? It's The Grudge of course...

    Dez 8 2007, 13h36
  • SamuraiMoose

    There you are. The title's even in the lyric.

    Dez 8 2007, 14h54
  • laura-croft

    33 - Poses by Rufus Wainwright. No, I have nothing better to do.

    Dez 13 2007, 2h29
  • fadelikeasigh

    28. The Guilt Engine - Gatsby's American Dream

    Jan 12 2008, 1h42
  • SamuraiMoose

    Woo, still going. That's only half, mind you.

    Jan 12 2008, 1h55
  • OsamelejStrom

    6. Mew - Snow Brigade. PS you should put the artist name in too when you put in the song name...

    Jan 21 2008, 4h07
  • SamuraiMoose

    Why? You can easily see the artist by simply mousing over the title.

    Jan 21 2008, 20h25
  • OsamelejStrom

    Oh! I had no idea (you learn something new every day, it seems). Then really no reason, unless you want to help people indulge their laziness. 23. !Forward Russia! - Eleven

    Jan 25 2008, 6h28
  • SamuraiMoose

    Psh, alright fools, it's about time everyone gave up. Here's the rest: 3. Eels - Fresh Feeling 4. These Arms Are Snakes - Riding the Grape Dragon 7. Huey Lewis & The News - If This Is It 9. Genesis - Throwing It All Away 10. Minus the Bear - Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse 11. Iceman - Shining Collection 13. Sponge - Pennywheels 15. Portugal. The Man - How the Leopard Got Its Spots 16. Eddi Reader - Wonderful Lie 18. As Tall As Lions - Milk and Honey 19. The Mars Volta - Cut That City 22. Adelaide - America 24. Karnivool - Shutterspeed 26. Jonatha Brooke - Room In My Heart 27. Youngblood Brass Band - Dead Man Stomping 32. Gavin Castleton - Bad Rabbits 36. Pedro the Lion - Promise 40. Ken Stringfellow - This One's On You

    Mar 13 2008, 0h17
  • TillyGinger

    No one guessed 11.- Shining collection? Such a shame! my favourite :D

    Mar 18 2008, 21h21
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