Everyone who's anyone here does one of these eventually.


Out 25 2007, 8h17

I just chose the time when I most need to be doing other things.

Well, here goes nothing, folks. You know the drill: top 50, where I found them, first song, song that inspired love, favourite song.

50. Billy Talent
Discovered: because my mother likes them
First: River Below
Loved: River Below
Favourite: Standing in the Rain

49. Cake
Discovered: when I stole my friend Dave's entire music collection
First: Short Skirt/Long Jacket
Loved: Long Line Of Cars
Favourite: Arco Arena

48. Big Heavy Stuff
Discovered: through this fabulous website
First: Wide Eyed & Open
Loved: One Day in Your Life Gone
Favourite: One Day in Your Life Gone

47. The Fray
Discovered: this girl I like gave me a song on a mix CD.
First: How to Save a Life
Loved: How to Save a Life
Favourite: Little House

46. Porcupine Tree
Discovered: don't completely remember, want to say it was a recommendation from him.
First: Shallow
Loved: The Sound of Muzak
Favourite: Trains

45. A Perfect Circle
Discovered: widely known association with Tool, I suppose
First: The Package
Loved: 3 Libras
Favourite: 3 Libras

44. Yellowcard
Discovered: my friends in middle school listened to them
First: Empty Apartment
Loved: Way Away
Favourite: Breathing

43. Eels
Discovered: they were on the Shrek soundtrack
First: My Beloved Monster
Loved: I Need Some Sleep
Favourite: I Need Some Sleep

42. R.E.M.
Discovered: my mother bought their CDs back in the day
First: Radio Song
Loved: Losing My Religion
Favourite: Star Me Kitten

41. Adelaide
Discovered: I covered a song of theirs in a band (called El Gusto with the future keyboardist of This Day & Age and The Reign Of Kindo.
First: Starting Line
Loved: Starting Line
Favourite: Straight Jackets

40. Death Cab for Cutie
Discovered: the same band that played an Adelaide song also played one by these guys.
First: Passenger Seat
Loved: Passenger Seat
Favourite Title and Registration

39. Lostprophets
Discovered: my childhood friends... let's call them the Moose Caboose... the ones that listened to Yellowcard also listened to this band.
First: We Still Kill The Old Way
Loved: Goodbye Tonight
Favourite: I Don't Know

38. Our Lady Peace
Discovered: an aunt of mine gave me Gravity for Christmas one year
First: All For You
Loved: Sell My Soul
Favourite: Thief

37. John Mayer
Discovered: at this point, my mother was more up on modern music than I was, she had Room for Squares
First: No Such Thing
Loved: No Such Thing
Favourite: Neon

36. Giraffe
Discovered: a one-time co-worker of mine called Frank the Contractor, a mid-thirties or so bicycling enthusiast, lent me his external hard drive, which contained this among other musical gems
First: Home
Loved: Progress
Favourite: Progress

35. The Fall of Troy
Discovered: they were headlining a tour containing the best band ever.
First: F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
Loved: F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
Favourite: The Holy Tape (actually The Hol[ ]y Tape, but that messes up the tags.)

34. Love Outside Andromeda
Discovered: this fabulous website, saw the name and laughed long and introspectively
First: Andy Warhol
Loved: Something White & Sigmund
Favourite: Juno

33. Youngblood Brass Band
Discovered: a percussionist friend of mine in high school wanted to assemble a similar group; alas, it was never to be
First: March
Loved: dead man stomping
Favourite: Round One

32. Regina Spektor
Discovered: recommended by a friend from a musical we were both in last year who has the same exact musical taste as me
First: On the Radio
Loved: On the Radio
Favourite: Raindrops

31. Rush
Discovered: my mother's been playing this fine group for me since I was born
First: (as if I remember? I'm guessing) Dreamline
Loved: Ghost of a Chance
Favourite: Driven

30. Stone Temple Pilots
Discovered: the radio... I'm a 90s child.
First: Creep
Loved: Sour Girl
Favourite: Sour Girl

29. Jonatha Brooke
Discovered: from the collection of Frank the Contractor
First: How Deep Is Your Love?
Loved: How Deep Is Your Love?
Favourite: Because I Told You So

28. Mew
Discovered: thanks to this place
First: Like Paper Cuts
Loved: Special
Favourite: Snow Brigade

27. Eddi Reader
Discovered: from the mixed-up files of Frank the Contractor.
First: Wonderful Lie
Loved: Wonderful Lie
Favourite: Prodigal Daughter

26. Gatsby's American Dream
Discovered: my bff Dave sent me a song of theirs
First: Your Only Escape
Loved: Pompeii
Favourite: The Guilt Engine

Heh... alright, that's half. In fact, if you're reading this... and I really have no idea why anyone would read this, this is more for my own reference than anything... then I'd say don't bother with the first half, as I don't listen to some of those artists anymore. Plus, you're wasting time inefficiently. Now, writing one of these, that is quality time wasting.

25. They Might Be Giants
Discovered: they had a song on a Dr. Demento novelty song collection, which my father owns.
First: Particle Man
Loved: Experimental Film
Favourite: Doctor Worm

24. Ken Stringfellow
Discovered: the same aunt who introduced me to Our Lady Peace gave me Touched for a birthday.
First: Down Like Me
Loved: Spanish Waltz
Favourite: Find Yourself Alone

23. Starlight Mints
Discovered: on my 17th birthday, on a mix CD from the coolest kid in my school.
First: Black Cat
Loved: Black Cat
Favourite: Goldstar

22. Frank Zappa
Discovered: through various parental figures. My father used to play in a Frank Zappa cover band.
First: Montana
Loved: Fifty-Fifty
Favourite: Echidna's Arf (Of You)

21. Tool
Discovered: a friend in my chemistry class would wear a shirt with a Tool logo to school ever day. When I inquired, I was given a copy of Lateralus, which was a sort of musical awakening for me. Up to that point, my music listening was basically controlled by what my parents listened to. But at that point I didn't even know music like this existed.
First: The Grudge
Loved: The Grudge
Favourite: The Patient

20. Copeland
Discovered: I covered Brightest in a band.
First: Brightest
Loved: Brightest
Favourite: Sleep

19. Relient K
Discovered: the Moose Caboose listened to them, I liked them initially because they did a split single with the Veggie Tales
First: Breakdown
Loved: Breakdown
Favourite: Who I Am Hates Who I've Been

18. Genesis
Discovered: listening since birth, again my mother's collection
First: Abacab
Loved: Man on the Corner
Favourite: No Reply at All

17. Tally Hall
Discovered: Moose Caboose people found their hilarious, hilarious videos at www.tallyhall.com, and subsequently fell victim to their brilliant music
First: Banana Man
Loved: Haiku
Favourite: Ruler Of Everything

16. This Day & Age
Discovered: I once played in a band with their keyboardist. For serious. His name is Kelly and if you ask him who I am, he will tell you that I am the greatest bass player he has ever played with. (Maybe.)
First: always straight ahead
Loved: Of Course We've All Seen The Sun
Favourite: Of Course We've All Seen The Sun

15. Grüvis Malt
Discovered: recommended to me by the fine folks here at last.fm
First: Filling In A City
Loved: Filling In A City
Favourite: The American Trilogy (Scene 2: Joe Returns From the Front)

14. As Tall As Lions
Discovered: A girl I used to like listened to them. Isn't that how it always goes? Actually, no, judging from this list, that's how it goes in three of fifty cases.
First: Break Blossom
Loved: Break Blossom
Favourite: Ghost Of York

13. MAE
Discovered: the same band that covered the rest of the songs I've mentioned herein also did Summertime.
First: Summertime
Loved: Summertime
Favourite: This Is The Countdown

12. Barenaked Ladies
Discovered: my friend and probably long-lost brother Dave is a fan, and before that I vaguely recall hearing them on that radio thing.
First: Jane
Loved: Brian Wilson
Favourite: Pinch Me

11. Sponge
Discovered: my mother purchased Rotting Piñata when their two radio hits were enjoying their six-month stay on the charts, and as I recall, was disappointed with it. Something possessed me to pick it up again eight years later, and found that there are times when even my mother's musical taste misses something wonderful.
First: Molly
Loved: Plowed
Favourite: Giants

Alright kids, here we go! The top ten! Won't these be so much more exciting? No, they'll actually be identical in format to the first forty. But if you're this far, you might as well continue. Or you're merely skimming it, like I usually do when I happen to find myself clicked to one of these, and stopping to wonder what it is I've written in that mysterious paragraph in the middle of it. Oh - wait, is it coming? Yes, I can feel it, a logic wormhole, better keep going with my trite listing.

10. The Cure
Discovered: I grew up on [album artist=The Cure]Wish
, once again, thanks to my mother
First: Open
Loved: Open
Favourite: To Wish Impossible Things

9. Crash Test Dummies
Discovered: what I'm getting from compiling this is that my mother controls me. Or at least the music I listen to. Except now the tables are turning, I have her enjoying the likes of Porcupine Tree, Damiera, and, well, the rest of this list that she didn't play for me when I was a toddler.
First: Winter Song
Loved: God Shuffled His Feet
Favourite: When I Go Out With Artists

8. Oceansize
Discovered: a recommendation from the you-know-whos at the you-know-what-website-you're-browsing
First: Amputee
Loved: Amputee
Favourite: New Pin

7. Steely Dan
Discovered: the poor, lonely, single, solitary artist I've acquired exclusively from my father's collection that I still listen to significantly. Well, he's decidedly anti-progressive rock, so I say that's his fault.
First: Kid Charlemagne
Loved: Kid Charlemagne
Favourite: Doctor Wu

6. Incubus
Discovered: my dear Auntie McGoodbirthdaypresents gave me Make Yourself.
First: Privilege
Loved: Privilege
Favourite: The Warmth

5. Gentle Giant
Discovered: an ex-bandmate of mine from Strepitus introduced me. Yet another 'I had no idea music like this existed' moment.
First: Prologue
Loved: Free Hand
Favourite: In A Glass House

4. Minus the Bear
Discovered: a girl I used to like listened to them. And bollocks, number four? Maybe I should have dated her. I don't see any recommendations from girls I actually dated up here in the top ten.
First: Hey! Is That a Ninja Up There?
Loved: Hey! Is That a Ninja Up There?
Favourite: Houston, We Have Uh Oh

3. Kevin Gilbert
Discovered: that wonderful fellow Frank the Contractor - if you were smart and scrolled down to the bottom of the list, I will refer you to entry 36 - Giraffe for the full explanation
First: Goodness Gracious
Loved: Goodness Gracious
Favourite: Waiting

2. Damiera
Discovered: Strepitus Brian (see 5 - Gentle Giant). This is the greatest band in existence, and the only reason they are #2 is because my #1 has released a lot more songs, and to be fair, #1 is a fairly close #2.
First: Maesa
Loved: Maesa
Favourite: Vollacaia

1. Kaddisfly
Discovered: if this is any testament to the power of last.fm, my #1 most listened artist was a recommendation based on my existing charts.
First: A Message to the Flat Earth Society
Loved: Manhattan Loves You
Favourite: New Moon Over Swift Water

OKAY! I'm done! So why am I still writing? Why are you still reading? This is starting to look like filler text for the back of a bag of Doritos. I guess all I can say to you right now is that if you're stalking me this much, or alternatively, bored enough to read through all of that, then you might as well check out my music! The band I played in over the summer recorded material for an as-of-yet unreleased EP, but it can all be heard at the Jovian Flame artist page! Also, I'm writing material for a separate project, tentatively called Lavalanche - only one song up so far, but I'm working on it. It shall be more epic than you realize, or than that one song indicates.

So I feel as though I owe you something right now. Like, your time back. Or at the least… a sonnet. So here goes with that.

We walk these worn discoveries anew,
Pretend they are our own, and overlook
The carpeting of footprints undershoe,
And claim to have assembled what we took.
There is no source or origin to blame,
From years of plagiarizing plagiarists;
For centuries existing all the same,
With not one new idea in our fists.
If every generation could begin
Precisely where the last had met its peak,
Progression would be shunned as social sin;
We like too much to think we are unique.
Perhaps it's for the best we have not rushed
To meet our end with fragile stasis crushed.

And that's my justification for doing this.


  • ScarletStarlett

    I am so jealous of your mother and her music taste and how much she influenced you. My childhood tastes were confined to Queen, U2 and Elton John which, while not bad, were not nearly as extensive as yours. Anyway, our tastes are quite different (with the exception of like, Death Cab (Title and Registration is my favourite song as well), Regina Spektor, and Incubus) so I can't comment on much past that. Nice sonnet, though. And yeah, I'll admit - I skimmed.

    Out 31 2007, 3h35
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