Song 700 + Cover Talk


Fev 28 2006, 15h06

Telegram Sam

Appropriately enough. :) I was listening to Ziggy Stardust on my way home from work yesterday, and to me, that's the perfect cover song. Nails it in every way. Not just a straight cover of the Bowie song, the own it after that. I like the Bowie version, but the Bauhaus version seems so much more glam and grand.

I've got a whole opinion on cover songs, but they deserve their own journal entry.


  • edwyn

    Hooray for bauhaus

    Fev 28 2006, 15h37
  • btlzu2

    i'd like to vote in support of starting a cover list. i'm thinking on that thar topic right now. that's another toughie, but if anyone can do it, we can!

    Mar 3 2006, 0h54
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