• Song survey - Arashi style

    Jun 12 2011, 22h19

    Wow, it has been years since the last time I wrote a “journal” here on last.fm. And so many things have changed musically-wise here! Since I was cleaning up a bit some stuff, I found this and thought about doing this back, with the music I listen to now :) (plus I’m sick in bed with a sore throat and chills, so I’m bored :( ) The good thing about liking Arashi is that their music is so upbeat and optimistic, so the answers should be the same :D Let’s see how it goes when I use only Arashi and their members’ solo songs :D

    Let’s set Winamp in shuffle and there we go! (no cheating, except skipping the secret talks and karaoke versions, and of course I’ll provide a translation when the title is in Japanese xD)

    How does the world see me?
    COOL & SOUL (like a boss haha! -> I love the song anyway)

    Will I have a happy life?
    One Love (don’t know what to think of that)

    What do people really think of me?
    a Day in Our Life

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Everything (huh?)

    How can I make myself happy?
    大野智静かな夜に (En: In a silent night. I don’t know that could make me happy but DARN this song is the best and for sure makes me happy… <3)

    What should I do with my life?
    - Crazy Moon ~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~ OMGGG!!! I love this song so so so so much!!! But the first ideas I get from it (and its promo video) are: cool dance moves and handsome boys performing, so I guess I should dance my life away with said boys (?)

    Will I ever have children?
    Step and Go (?)

    What is some good advice for me?
    櫻井翔T.A.B.O.O *faints because of the hotness* Ahem. That’s a good advice. Anytime. Anywhere. Sheeeeesh.

    What do I think my current theme song is?
     – La tormenta 2004(guess fans would know that “La tormenta” is “The storm” in Spanish <3 (but why is it my current theme song? D: )

    What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    大野智Song for me (oh my, this song’s so beautiful, and the way Ohno sings it it really makes me cry… and my Winamp loves Ohno <3)

    What song will play at my funeral?
    – 僕が僕のすべて (I’m all I have) Ok, I love this song, so it’s ok 

    What type of men/women do you like?
    二宮和也i – Gimmick Game (xDDDDDDDD) ok, I have no clue if that’s a good sign, but heh, isn’t it just great I got this song… haha!

    What is my day going to be like?
    松本潤Come back to me (yes, health, come back to me, lol)

    Why am I here?
    とまどいながら(En: While we’re lost - how sad I seem to have one of their really few sad song for my existence xD)

    What will people remember me for?
    相葉雅紀 - Magical Song (cuuute…open some space for the parteh ppl <3)

    What song will I get stuck in my head tomorrow?
    松本潤Naked (ouuuh…♥ I better not sing it outloud and just hum it then xD)

    Are there people outside waiting to take me away?
    How to fly (I love it! (the song I mean) And it definitely has a wonderful meaning on it, so I guess that’s positive, whatever if it’s related to the question or not xD)

    What will this year be all about?
    - Believe /YAY! ♥ that’s the most beautiful way of closing this thingy! :D (even if we’re already half way this year, lol)
  • Sonata Arctica - Santiago, February 22nd 2008 (in English)

    Fev 24 2008, 16h30

    Concert in Santiago, February 22, 2008.

    Hmm, I’ve seen a few reviews here already, but being honest I haven’t really liked them. Sometimes they’re way too kind, other times they’re way too harsh. Oh well, we’re not journalists anyway.
    (Okay, before anything, yes, I’m a huge fan of Sonata Arctica, so I guess it won’t be easy to say anything bad about the concert ^^)

    I personally didn’t like the warming up band, Alejandro Silva, a rather good guitar player and his band. Knowing that he’s a good musician, I think that it doesn’t suit SA’s style at all. Silva is a proper artist for warming up G3, Satriani, Ynwie, that sort of bands. But SA’s audience, which might be more power-metal related, wasn’t really perceptive to them. The first two songs were ‘okay’, everybody jumping, following him, but the third one already made a difference: quieter audience, and a small part of the audience left the concert area. (Which is what I did, actually…my friend can’t stand Alejandro Silva and the yellings for “Sonata! Sonata!” told us that it wasn’t a too enjoyable warming up for the concert…so we took advantage to take some air. Not to say, AS lasted a bit too long for my taste…the audience was already asking for the main band).

    Now, there's a point every review in Spanish I have read says: that how is it possible that we don’t “support” local metal bands by being “unloyal” to Alejandro Silva. First, okay, sad for them the audience was so eager to see Sonata Arctica that the rather long presentation of Alejandro Silva started to bore us. Here are great other new bands or older local bands, that play good power metal or related styles, that could have suited the audience and the main band much better. Alejandro Silva might be a great musician, but it made this specific audience bored, with a too long show and with sometimes too long songs, etc.

    After AS’s presentation, there was a rather long wait between him and SA. The stage was SA-ized and the audience woke up again, louder this time. When finally the first notes of the intro ("Victor's Piano Solo" from Corpse Bride movie, I’ve been told), the audience just got crazy, the band got into the stage, and then the first guitar riffs of “In Black and White” unchained the long awaited wishes of the audience to see the band into what I recall it’s the loudest singing in a concert I have heard of :) even if it was a rather new song and I know not everybody knew it by heart (I would prove it right when they played the ‘classics’ like San Sebastian or Fullmoon, it was a breath taking feeling to hear and be singing those songs on top of our lungs and seeing Tony bowing to us for that :D).

    Another thing I’ve read in a certain (weird…) review is that “Tony Kakko is not spontaneous, he just repeats the same things they do in every concert” etc… I personally think that such interaction with the audience is not always possible. Right, the drum game is done in most of concerts, but Tony is far from being doing the same over and over; the great reception of the audience and the funny dialogs in between, even knowing that English is not our biggest strength, the very spontaneous reaction of “Wow, you're throwing stuff to the stage… I looove stuff”, when receiving several flags etc., when that could bother a different band, Elias’ funny words in Spanish, I don’t think it looks like a carefully studied presentation. And well, we would have been “treated differently” if they wouldn’t have played “Vodka song”, for instance…some people have always reasons to complain, I guess… (even though I’ve just heard that from only one person so far…)

    As a summary, I think SA’s concert was awesome; they might have some things to fix yet (which band doesn’t anyway?), but it was just what we were longing for, for so long. After 6 years, finally they were back. Hopefully it won’t be 6 years again to see them playing here…


    1. Intro / In Black And White
    2. Paid In Full
    3. Victoria's Secret
    4. Broken
    5. San Sebastian
    6. Shamandalie
    7. Caleb
    8. 8th Commandment
    9. Black Sheep
    10. Guitar Solo
    11. Wolf&Raven
    12. Fullmoon
    13. We will Rock You (Queen Cover)
    14. It Won't Fade
    15. Gravenimage
    16. Don't Say A Word
    17. The Cage / Vodka

    Strenghts of the concert: the warm reaction of the audience, the setlist was rather balanced (old and new songs), the interaction of the band with the audience, Elias’ great guitar playing and perfect integration to the band, even Marko was rather “cheerful” (he himself would say later that you never get to see him like that :P)

    Weak points: it felt a bit too short… the long waiting between Alejandro Silva and Sonata Arctica, a not so suitable warming up band, and sometimes Tony’s voice sounded a bit too low among the instruments (or so I’ve been told by other people, I was wearing some simple earplugs and they worked quite ‘okay’, maybe that helped to filter the sound a bit).
  • SONATA ARCTICA IN CHILE - February 22nd/February 23rd

    Nov 13 2007, 2h23

    Finally!!!! *goes crazy, laughs histerically, bounces*

    Finally the 6 years of waiting are going to pay off!!!! xD

    Sonata Arctica is coming for the second time to Chile/South American tour (okay, is not confirmed YET in the official site, but according to --> www.rockaxis.com, due the delay of Rhapsody's concert, SA's one has been already leaked xD

    Sonata Arctica en Chile

    El próximo 22 de febrero del 2008 en el Teatro Caupolicán, se presentará por segunda vez en Chile la banda finlandesa SONATA ARCTICA. La preventa tendrá un precio de $15.000 hasta el 24 de diciembre, y la entrada general valdrá $18.000 después de Navidad. Estás podrán comprarse a través de Sistema Ticketmaster.

    If anyone wants to make me an unforgettable Christmas present...you know. xD Maiden and SA's tickets would grant you my eternal gratitude and a lifetime friendship xDD [/joke]

    Edit: New date added for Valparaíso - February 23rd (I'll try to drag my ass to that gig as well, if possible ^o^ )
  • About banned/unheard for a long time songs

    Out 30 2007, 20h57

    *random mode ON*

    I was just talking to Stritoh and we discussed about the songs that were 'banned' from our playlists...for some obscure reason (whatever if it reminds you of something sad, of something bad, of something embarassing, of something too good etc...), and there's one sad conclusion about it: many songs that started being my favourites (or songs that were very good), might have ended up in the ban list for a long time, until one good day one decided to give them a try again! xD and discovered how good they were and how much one liked them...before something ruined the fun a bit.

    This is a rough list of my past banned songs - whatever if it was for listening to them too much to the point they got me bored, or due something else related (like a bad memory of a certain track...) without really mentioning the reason...or maybe :P

    Nightwish - Swanheart (bored me O.o)
    Nightwish - Two for Tragedy
    Sonata Arctica - Tallulah (and hell, that's one of my favourite ballads!)
    Dream Theater - Peruvian Skies (sth to do with the DT concert itself xD)
    Nightwish - Ever Dream (never associate a song to a person. Especially if you like the song and the person O.o cause you'll end up hating either a)the song if you end up mourning that person, b)the person for ruining the song for you... xD)
    Epica's Consign to Oblivion album. Completely. xD (Not to say, almost every song of Epica...)
    HIM - And Love Said No (heard it way too many times and ended up disliking it...)
    Charon- Little Angel (a bit of the same...besides those lyrics...O.o)

    And one that is a strong candidate to go to the ban list, for way too much overhearing:

    Nightwish - Cadence of Her Last Breath (I should seriously stop listening to it 5 times a day O.o)
    Sentenced - Killing me Killing you (the same as above!)

    Aaaand...I guess that's it.
    Anyone else who had to 'ban' a song for a time? ;D
  • Nightwish - Dark Passion Play Lyrics

    Set 22 2007, 15h54

    Yes, they are here already!


    Not so much of a 'journal', but this is one of my highlights...this only makes my impatience grow bigger! Some of the lyrics are very very VERY interesting, some interpretations are quite obvious, other lyrics are a bit more mysterious...Master Passion Greed IS harsh!

    I want that album now! :(

    Connected to Nightwish
  • One year in Last.fm!

    Set 11 2007, 16h34

    Wow, I had forgotten that, a day like this, I registered in this audioscrbbler thing :) . I was very reluctant, I was not sure how this worked and it seemed quite 'useless' for me back then, gut GarionB finally convinced me to register, and here I am! I still uninstalled the software at least a couple of times in between, until one good day I realized of the advantages and how much I could know about music, so I stayed and now I'm almost addicted! ;D There is no day that I don't check a group, a profile, a new band at least three times, or something...I know, it's crazy! The fact I have more than 20.000 tracks scrobbled is scary too; I never thought I could listen to that much music in one year, only counting the time I spend/waste in the computer, without considering the first two months I didn't use the software, the songs I listen to in my mp3 player everyday or the ones I listen in my stereo when I'm not in the studio...music is the best company, sometimes ;)

    The day I registered, I stayed home because September 11 is a complicated date here...so yeah, this year I'm also here, I'll use my time wisely though! I'll work a bit on my thesis...and scrobble some more songs, too ;) Keep the music rolling!

    I would also thank the people who added me to their friend list, send me any band recomendation or just had a peek to my profile, lol. It only makes this thing even more interesting! ;) (And yeah, I'm getting emotional now? *lol*)
  • Another survey for the win!

    Set 3 2007, 16h17

    ...yes, it is September 3rd, how could I let this month go away without a journal entry even if it is another (usless) one? ;)

    This survey was sent by my friend FairyQueen (not here on last.fm though), and she took it from a forum, not sure which one yet..but knowing her well, since she only posts in Edguy forum that one could be (right?)

    In case you want to do it, set your WMP or Winamp on shuffle/random, and let the song titles answer the questions... =)

    How does the world see me?
    Delain - Frozen (O_o really happy thing, huh...)

    Will I have a happy life?
    Sonata Arctica - False News Travel Fast (so far, not too nice answers! :P )

    What do people really think of me?
    Nightwish - Nightwish (O.o)

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    To/Die/For - Forever (wow! xD)

    How can I make myself happy?
    Angra - Waiting Silence (Remain silent to be happy?)

    What should I do with my life?
    Galneryus - Raid Again

    Will I ever have children?
    Sonata Arctica - Tallulah (I can take it, whether I'll have a girl and call her Tallulah (-.-'), or listen to the lyrics: "it's easier to live alone..." which basically says I won't have them to make my life easier *lol*)

    What is some good advice for me?
    Guns N'Roses - You Could Be Mine (*loool* that's a good one!)

    What do I think my current theme song is?
    To/Die/For - Silence Tells More (could be, actually...)

    What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    Charon - Little Angel (again, a very sad/sufferish song! .__.)

    What song will play at my funeral?
    Kamelot - Silence of the Darkness (wow, the name fits perfectly! if the song just wasn't that upbeat xD)

    What type of men/women do you like?
    Angra - So Near So Far (uhm...)

    What is my day going to be like?
    Norther - Betrayed (O.o)

    Why am I here?
    HIM - Wicked Game

    What will people remember me for?
    Nightwish - Bless the Child

    What song will I get stuck in my head tomorrow?
    Dream Asylum - Living without you

    Are there people outside waiting to take me away?
    Edguy - Save Me (Yes, please do so, whoever you are T_T)

    What will this year be all about?
    Nightwish- Walking in the Air (that means it will be all happy and dreamy, perhaps? :P)
  • Jani leaves SA and Elias Viljanen becomes official member

    Ago 6 2007, 16h54

    Taken from SA.info. (Sonata Arctica's official site)

    I'm still so shocked. I can't believe his, even if the rumours had been so strong these last months. O_O

    As many already know, our guitarist Jani Liimatainen has been absent from the line-up this spring and summer.
    The reason was his messing around with his compulsory military/civil/prison duty, or rather,
    complete failure to take care of it.

    This matter, and everything that goes with it, caused a split between Jani and the other band members.
    This split was impossible to mend without Jani's help and co-operation.

    Therefore we would like to make known the following:
    During fall of '06 and spring of '07, Jani's personal matters and actions drove us to a situation
    where we had no option but to ask Jani to leave the band.

    Jani was notified of this in May, and the separation was amicable. We wanted to give Jani the
    chance to get his life together before making this public, which is why we didn't make this
    announcement earlier. We wish Jani well on his chosen path.

    "Show must go on", so, facing the facts, we hereby humbly announce that Elias Viljanen
    is from this day forward a full and official member of Sonata Arctica.

    Throughout this summer, on many occasions, Elias has shown himself to be able to fill
    the big boots Jani left behind.

    We hope our friends and our fans understand that this was the only choice left for us to make so
    that our band could continue. Sonata Arctica has always been, and always will be, more than the
    sum of its parts. The band has become for us a way of life, a lifeline that simply can not be cut off.

    A long "Unia" -tour lies in front of us.
    We extend Elias a warm welcome to the Sonata family, and we hope the fans will, too.
    Sonata Arctica is whole again.

    See you on the road!

    Best regards,
    ~Tony, Tommy, Marko, and Henrik

    I know "EVil" Viljanen is an awesome guitar player. But still, it's always so hard when a band member leaves, especially when it's such a charismatic and talented one. Jani...
  • The bands I would give my life to see live

    Jun 10 2007, 6h03

    ..and here I go: another not so relevant entry but hell, it's my thing so I can do whatever I want with it =P (no, just joking...I guess that it's my thing to write something every now and then just for the sake of it...)

    ...but well. I started to think and reckon how many GREAT concerts I have missed during my teenage years...due my ignorance, due the lack of money of those ages or due the bad luck that the bands I like never came (or came before I started listening to them). I thought of it while watching End of an Era for the 15672817549 time...nd watching how in the "Concerts" list at the end of the documentary, it said "2004 - Santigo de Chile, Chile"...when that concert(therefore, that date) actually NEVER existed! T_T I really mean it, I felt so bad when they cancelled it...still it's written like if it ever existed. D'oh...and it hurts. SA came only a couple of months before I started to listen to them often enough as to say I liked them. Angra came only two weeks ago but -d'oh - I had spent the money I was going to buy the ticket with. I do hope I'll be able to see Symphony X (and the issue this time is not the money, not the lack of knowledge, no, but just a bunch of tedious and boring FINALS coming over... T_T)

    Bands I've seen (till June 9 2007)

    - Iron Maiden
    - Dream Theater
    - Stratovarius
    - After Forever
    - Edguy
    - Leaves' Eyes
    - Six Magics (x3)

    To December 12th, 2007
    - HammerFall
    - Kotipelto
    - Kreator
    - Therion
    - Vision Divine

    Soooo...the bands I must see before I die (or before I get too old for a metalhead, lol...thing that could happen, although I don't want it to happen)

    - Nightwish (ok, with the new singer, no other choice...)
    - Sonata Arctica
    - Children of Bodom
    - Norther
    - Kamelot
    - Angra
    - To/Die/For
    - Within Temptation

    And two or three more I can't recall their names now.

    So I have to save money to go hauting those band's concerts around the world, cause it's so damn hard for them to come here... [/rant]
  • And no one really reads this...

    Fev 28 2007, 21h43

    I've been browsing some journals from other random users on Last.fm and I've seen that there are not too many journals who are actually comented. Mine has no commetns at all (well, it must be my fault for making really dull ones, like the only one I wrote before). I guess that music and writing don't get along well or what...? I think that blogs, LJ's, Fotologs and such must take a big part of the need of express oneself by writing...

    Ok, that was my say for today. After all, no one really cares about this journal, so why put so much effort on writing on? :P I should update my Livejournal with something more interesting instead...