• Walking vs. Talking

    Mai 15 2015, 23h38

    The terms "walking" and "talking" in this article are not completely literal. Think about it in terms of the expression "If you're going to talk the talk, you'd best walk the walk".

    There are two types of people in this world, walkers and talkers. Walkers are the ones who get things done and save the talking for later, like a treat to be savored. Talkers are not exactly the opposite, but many of them enjoy illustrating grand schemes and designs without ever going forth with these plans, or at least not following through with them. The following paragraphs enumerate the differences between both actions, as well as offer my own perspective on the matter.

    I don't like to talk. I usually only talk when talked to, or when asked about where I've walked. Sometimes I feel like I am posturing or posing when I've talked too much. I feel a strong need to walk when this happens, at least four times as much as I've talked, sometimes even exponentially more than I have talked, when it is concerning something I plan to do or have not done yet. I dislike talking about trips that have not happened yet. I wish to walk, to prepare myself for them, rather than waste more time talking.

    Lots of people enjoy talking more than walking. They like to flaunt their (un)attractive bodies/faces on Facebook or show off their new gadgets. They enjoy impressing their menial accomplishments on others, no matter how small. They find it important to share every happening with their "friends", no matter how mundane.

    This is why I dislike social media. It highly emphasizes talking over walking. It encourages people to continue mostly useless discourse, share idiotic memes or create new ones. It develops groups that are cyclic, choirs of talkers feeding off each other to perpetuate time-wasting forevermore. Sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook are definitely the worst. I am only associated with the latter to maintain easy contact with those I deem important.

    Talking isn't always bad though. When talking to facilitate walking, such as mentoring or teaching someone, talking can be very constructive. It can help others who are less athletic walk more, and even inspire healthier walking habits in them. Nevertheless, it is up to the individual whether they want to walk.

    Talking is also important in communicating to other parties how much you have walked, and what other journeys you can take, whether those excursions would be reasonable for you or not, and whether you would enjoy them. Companies and Universities (when you're applying to become a professor) strongly require this talking.

    I have developed a strong distaste for those who talk about their walk who have, in fact, walked little. I find these people highly annoying. These people are the useless group members, the people who are "all bark and no bite", the copy & paste coders and Wikipedia quoters. The people who, when scheduled for a rather arduous hike, are unable to embark or tough it out because of their unwillingness or incompetence.

    This is the main reason why I dislike talking about my own journey. I feel like, despite all I have done, I have far more to go. That I've only accomplished a negligible fraction of what I really want to achieve. My own hunger for long, lofty walks will probably never be satisfied, even after several. And I am completely fine with that, as long as I am allowed to walk more than talk.

    This is also why I dislike formal parties. I tell people of my accomplishments, of where I have walked, and they nod and say "That's nice" if they are unlearned in my field (which is highly likely) and move on to other family or friends. It is a waste of time, but it in some ways a ritual, something necessary for others to smile about and update themselves upon people's accomplishments, for whatever reasons they deem necessary.

    Walking is fantastic. When I walk, there is more to talk about. More importantly, there are many more exciting hikes and paths open to me than if I had spent that walking time talking. I would say there are only things truly worth talking about when I have done a great deal of walking, usually to an important landmark or destination. This is why my status updates on Facebook are sparse, yet important. When I have done a good deal of walking, I don't mind a small chat.

    Walking is what powers the world. The greatest inventors of our time walked far more than they have talked. If not, they walked their talk: some would make incredible claims and go on to back them with good research and impressive work. In a way, "walking the talk" is a good strategy, as it compels one to fulfill a promise or pledge they have made to another party so their talk wasn't simply a lie. It is all too often that the walk is forgone in favor of more talking, however, so it is a strategy best reserved for practiced walkers.

    Essentially, talking is useful in choice circumstances, but it is usually far more beneficial to simply walk. When a great walker speaks, his words will carry more weight, despite there being less of them. His knowledge and experience allow him to impart more information in fewer sentences than a fraudulent or commercial talker who fattens his sentences with empty terminology and buzzwords.

    I was inspired to write this after I graduated from University. I was at the tail end of a tough trek, and I told several people of my journey. However I felt like I was getting dragged into too many talks of this adventure, which led to this being written.

    It isn't only the recent graduation though, but a culmination of events and talks that have occurred throughout my academic career. I've met people, big talkers, who turned out to be small walkers, for instance. More talks await me soon, especially at the formal party, but I am just glad that I can spend most of my time walking now.
  • My Zune Is Retarded

    Jul 25 2011, 22h19

    Good lord. Yay! Scrobbles for shit I haven't been listening to! /palm
  • Rites of Darkness II...Day 2

    Dez 12 2010, 23h57

    Fri 10 Dec – Rites of Darkness II

    Only got to go to the 2nd day of this awesome thing... this was the first show I've ever been to, and to say it was awesome would be an understatement. The atmosphere was perfect, and the bands were all varying shades of awesome, all killer no filler. I guess I will do this band by band.. let's see..

    Obeisance- I didn't actually SEE these dudes since I was browsing merch outside (I snagged the last Tribulation shirt and a copy of Sigh's latest album..should have brought more monies) but I could p. much hear them from outside anyway. They sounded decent.

    Necroholocaust- A good band I never heard of before. They were pretty cool, I thought it was great that three of their members contributed vocals- the bassist didn't but he was wearing a badass pair of shades, so that's fine. Good stuff.

    HOD- Man, these guys absolutely SLAYED. I think there wasn't a second I wasn't headbanging. "We're HOD and we play fucking metal!" HELL YEAH! Their stage presence was awesome, and I was so close to the vocalist I actually smelled his beer breath. Awesome. The guitarist was wearing an S.A. Slayer shirt, which made it even more awesome.

    Morbosidad- Out of all the bands i've seen, these guys probably had the best stage presence. Their vocalist's eyes were rolled up into their sockets nearly all the way, he sung like he was possessed. I liked how there was a gas mask hanging from his mic. He lit a holy bible in the middle of a song and threw it into the crowd!! \m/ During this set, a shirtless guy who strongly resembled a member of Von was just going nuts. He had the artwork of Blasphemy's Fallen Angel Of Doom on his back, now THAT'S what you call WAR FUCKING METAL! Anyways, this band was excellent., and I shook hands with their bassist afterwards.

    Vasaeleth- Yet another band I never heard of. They were very cool though. It might just be me, but their brand of war metal was a little more on the death metal side of things. Their vocalist had minimal war paint on his face, he was like an evil version of Alice Cooper. I digress, this band brought the riffs and were quite headbangable, great fun.

    Disma- didn't get to see their whole set because the pizza guy decided it should take more than 20 damn minutes to cook a pizza. I ran in there as quickly as possible though and what I heard did not dissapoint, it was brutal as hell. THE DEMONIC VOICE OF CRAIG PILLARD was in full effect here, and I could actually tell what he was saying at points. I was close to the guitarist's amps, I could hear every riff in detail. Sounded kind of swedeath-y and usdm-ish. Damn awesome.

    Cruciamentum- This band..oh man. They were simply amazing and were my favorite show for the night. They played a bunch of killer new stuff I've never heard before, and had a powerful stage presence that felt like it was the end of the world. Before they started playing, an atmospheric clip played and they all turned around with their fists raised in the air. All of their riffs were killer, I headbanged to this band more than anything else. The, I could feel the POWER! I could even feel the sound waves raise the hairs on my arms! There were some morons trying to start a mosh pit, but a bunch of people (myself included) shoved them aside. I LOVE how the singer was all "Convocation of Crawling!!" and the audience went "CHAOS!!" (myself included ofc). We were all pretty into it, raising our fists and chanting to some of the DAT RIFF parts. Their set ended it Rotten Flesh Crucifix, which I was overjoyed to hear. DAAAA NAA NA NAAAA NAAAAA!!!! Perfect!

    Black Witchery- GREAT set. Their vocalist looked like the most pissed off dude in the world, but something about him and the guitarist made me laugh. I think it was the gr1m robes they were wearing. And OH MAN!!! The second to last song they played was FUCKING AMAZING, it was familiar to me, I SWEAR i've heard it somewhere before. It was even more badass because the vocalist from Necroholocaust stepped in to contribute vocals. I thought my head was going to fall off. AWESOME band, plus the Von dude lookalike was in the pit again.

    Surrender to Divinity- These guys had the most "black metal" of outfits on, I don't think they spoke english and took a long ass time to get the fake blood on themselves. I thought they were going to leave for a minute, but the band members finally get on stage. Their drummer and guitarist were pretty technically proficient, but it goes to show that doesn't really mean too much, they were good but not as awesome as any of the other bands were. They SOUNDED like something I'd really enjoy, but I dunno, I wasn't into it that much, they lacked aggression. Ah well. They probably would've sounded better if they didn't have to compete with the other band's badassery. Oh, and their singer was all "FUCK...ISLAM!!!" which made me laugh my ass off.

    Diocletian- AH YES, the last band i got to see... their guitar tone was just, I don't know how to describe it, doomy? It was a lot different from what the other war metal bands had going. Kick ass, they had the least war metal imagery but made up for it with badass riffs and killer vocals. The dynamic change in one song in particular, where it became slow and FUCKIN' HEAVY, blew me away.

    I would comment more, but unfortunately I had to miss the last bits of their set thanks to mum's overprotection. Also missed Impiety's set in its entirety which sucked since I was looking forward to them. We (me and my brother) did support them though by buying their Domination EP. I can only pray they tour again...

    It was great to see many people I knew only from the internet before hand at this show, they were very cool. Talking to you guys (you know who you are) IRL was awesome, I was overjoyed.

    This was one of, if not the greatest night of my life, killer bands, badass people, underground merch (I nabbed the last Tribulation shirt, HELL yes.) that I wish I could have bought more of, I should have brought 100 dollars rather than 32. Ah well. It felt shorter than it should have, I know I was there from 3 to 12:20 or so but it went by too quickly, it was like a different reality almost. I will remember this day forever.
  • Nonmetal I found out about.

    Jun 13 2009, 1h48

    Here it IS!

    The Birthday Massacre- Awesome band, hard to describe them, really.
    Thrushes- Awesome dream pop with great drumming and vocals.
    Scarling.- Jessicka's project after JoJ, soooo great.
    School of Seven Bells- No idea. Very good though.
    The Coat Hangers - Hilarious, also hard to describe.
    She- Awesome electronica.
    Emilie Autumn- Industrial with violins. Great!
    Giraffes? Giraffes!- Absolute genius.
    The Octopus Project- Experimental electronic music that I find to be...cute.
    Black Moth Super Rainbow- Awesome, did a collaboration with The Octopus Project
    My Bloody Valentine- Very odd. I liken their sound to the wails of dead rainbows, if that makes any sense. Awesome anyways.
    Sleepy Sun- Indie music.
    Sonic Youth- I only listened to Daydream Nation, but it is one HELL of an album. Good god.

    And...that's it! (so far...)
  • Arghoslent.

    Jun 3 2009, 6h12

    Damn, this is perhaps the best Death Metal I have ever heard in my life. Everything is really catchy and, although the lyrics are totally racist, this band still kicks major ass. Now I am wondering, "What the hell have I been listening to all this time?" Not that what I have been listenening to is bad by any means, but the fact I overlooked something as amazing as this for so long baffles me. Arghoslent is definitely up there with the likes of Morbid Angel, Atheist, and early Amorphis.

    They are truly talented and I cannot wait to get their other albums...!
  • Stoner/Sludge/Doom is great.

    Abr 24 2009, 3h46

    Kyuss is, as many people know, one of the most important pioneers of the stoner metal genre. And I love them. Everything they ever released has proven to be really fun to listen to, and even their weakest offering is what many doom/stoner metal bands strive to be like today (i.e, Bongzilla and Bongripper). As awesome as Kyuss is, though, I think Sleep and Electric Wizard are really awesome too.

    I have yet to find a bad band in this genre... it's like you have TRY to find the bad stuff, which is why the genre is so great. Acid Bath, with those psychotic vocals that switch from normal to harsh all the time, are really awesome as well. I think EVERYONE should know about this band, because they are the Sludge metal equivalent of Kyuss. Absolutely legendary...

    I would name a ton of other stoner/sludge/doom bands, but there are so many I think it would be a bit of a chore. lastfm should handle it for you, though.

    Thanks for reading!
  • A brief arguement concerning how horrible the -core genres are...and what true metal…

    Abr 14 2009, 3h40

    I am one of the very few people who haven't been exposed to the likes of Emmure or Trivium, Slipknot, or any other garbage before digging into the real stuff. What got me into metal was the songTwilight of the Thunder God, a pretty decent tune...

    Later, on this very same visit of Youtube, I discovered the likes of Windir, Borknagar, and Ensiferum, all three very excellent bands that are quite amazing. Now, what I don't understand is the problem with people listening to this horrible -core music that essentially waters down the metal with repeated copy+paste riffage(if it could even be called that-Emmure's frantic wanking of the open 0 in drop D deserves a rebuke, not an accolade nor a headbang). Seriously, why would people prefer this to the beautiful serenades of Amorphis that quickly give way to a complex and well-written work of art?

    It might just be me, but I prefer the dudes who breathe fire out of their mouths (see: Immortal) and actually DO things with their respective genres, not just bog it down with more unoriginal drivel. It is very, very sad to see how people don't discover the real stuff before it's too late.

    With that said, if you are one of the "falses" (hint: if you listen to Winds of Plague or Underoath you are one of these), I suggest you start on your purification with the song "Jesus Christ Pose".

    Not only is it well-executed, with appropriate production values that give it that raw, excellent power, but it is a testament to what good metal (Badmotorfinger is considered a heavy metal album, despite the fact that Soundgarden was a grunge band) truly is. If anything, listen to this song...and if it does nothing for you, than perhaps you are beyond help.