poem that i wrote to some of the music i'm listening to


Fev 20 2007, 5h54

un-edited and shiz, i liked it well enough. comments or something would be cool.


Take step nine in a series of ten
With no decreased pace from now till then
Because the path has defined the stride
And the pain in the past has driven your pride oh so high

So the sounds of your previous footfalls echo
But your ears only hear the evil in the world so clear
When survival is the goal
Getting your heart to fight the walls of your self-dug hole

The trophies you hold are just heads on the spikes
Of those who stood on your neck or in your path
Your eyes gleam with all this new victory's sheen
But your heart is still chilled by trophies children

Those you set on the path on which you stand
Laying ruin as your life was struck and strewn
With the sins of the father becoming the sins of the son
Proverbial, as you create the children of your reign

Yet the change is in the eyes you see in the mirror
After you've seen the innocent stares of those who see much clearer
Leaving you with the understanding of creation and destruction
Giving you the opportunity to leave the fast track and walk back

The gold is still shining and all the prizes leave the people pining
For you the golden has lost it's gleam
When needs become wants and impossible becomes a need
You look to the cliffs along your path and begin climbing

Past deeds sit on the shoulders and bend the spine
But you push just as you plunged
And hold the weight out of your eyes
leaving you the ability to see the sun

A smooth slide in your step and you move aside
Standing in the open and not attempting to find somewhere to hide
You let your sins fall to the ground for all others to see
Leaving no doubt in any mind as to what they can be

But you stoop and descend upon your faults
Reach your arms around and lift as hard as you can
Because these are your's to claim and you can take the blame
Hold your past to the eyes of the world and cry
"I may be broken, and I may be bent,
But these hands of mine can still hold the sun, and still feel the warmth"



  • sen_yi

    are the last 2 lines of this poem written by you?

    Jan 7 2008, 12h44
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