• STONECOLLAR Team Up With Headline Artists

    Fev 18 2011, 14h59

    Stonecollar are proud to announce that they have signed a with Headline Artists!

    The band is looking forward to joining the Headline stable and working closely with their team. & co have been running since 2006 with many more years industry experience behind them. 2011 will be a big year for Stonecollar & of our “Trial by Fire”, many crazy shows…and rock domination! We will do this, together with and the amazing ‘Collar Crew (more info on the to follow in time to come…
  • Debut Album Tracklisting Revealed

    Fev 18 2011, 14h57

    With the getting closer and closer, and with a whole bunch of other developments going on in the background (stay tuned), we’ve decided to dish out more info on the . So below is the for the upcoming album, Trial By Fire

    1. Not For Good
    2. Trial By Fire
    3. SQT
    4. Turn A Blind Eye
    5. Poison The Well
    6. Say your Prayers
    7. Unnatural Selection
    8. …As The Crow Flies
    9. Loose Cannon
    10. Dying Breed
  • Fired Up!!!

    Abr 16 2010, 9h55

    well, as you may remember, a few days ago I published a post, stating that I had some exciting news to share. well, there’s actually more than 1 piece of news to share, but 1 of them has come thru… and I’m just gonna spill the beans here. Stonecollar is very proud and excited to announce that we have received sponsorship from and .

    A big thanks goes out to , owner of – the company responsible for bringing brands such as , , and others to our shores. The , which is very much an line from , is just an amazing brand that uses (by ) as the art piece of the clothing. We have a few plans in the pipelines regarding this , but for now go take a look at the range brought to you by .

    The new website is coming soon!

  • A little Birdie...

    Abr 7 2010, 9h33

    just whispered in my ear... some very actually. Oooooppppssss... Ok apparently I wasn't actually meant to say anything yet. So before I get into shit for this, let's just say... CHECK BACK IN THE NEXT MONTH FOR SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!

    But hey, in the meantime... the site has changed, so take a look around and see what all there is that new and interesting. And please – leave your comments, or drop us a mail. We're interesed to know what you guys and girls think. Why not start out by answering our , "How do you get your music?"

    Also... a big thanks goes out to for these from our show at . Keep your eyes out for him at our upcoming gigs. His pics are in the 'Live Pics' gallery on the sidebar to the right there. And those are just the first, so we'll be having a bunch of great for ya.

    If you'd like to him for your band or event, just give him a email at michael@currin.co.za or call/sms him on 076 706 2205. Check out his website right here - <a href="http://mcurrin.daportfolio.com">mcurrin.daportfolio.com</a>;

    Stonecollar out!
  • In With The Old, In With The New!

    Jan 21 2010, 14h50

    With us boys outta the studio and starting to rack up the gigs at some of ’s most popular , the feedback from everybody has been really awesome as to how the songs have evolved, progressed and eventually turned out. Generally it sounds like you guys are just stoked to hear the music again…which is cool, but we’ve been dropping hints in previous posts about some on the horizon.

    Mr Jurgens has been quietly ripping up some . We have potentially lying around which cud quiet simply blow your mind. The Stonecollar sound is definitely continuing to mature, and the music is becoming more and . To be honest I have no idea how the tracks are gonna end up…which is what I love about the . On stage and in studio, you know what you’re gonna do, but when it comes down to putting pen to paper, you never quite now the end result. One thing’s for sure – it’s always a step up, and it leaves me feeling proud…more to come in future posts.

    Watch out for a manic March as far as gigs go…it’s gonna be a busy one, and we’re trying to get something for Feb, but worst case… you might need to go cold turkey on ‘the sweet COLLAR goodness’, well, live shows at least… you can always listen to the . Oh and talking about that… stay tuned for a bunch of new coming next week.

    Stonecollar out!
  • Album of the Year!

    Dez 27 2009, 21h45

    Well, let’s not get carried away… I guess more accurately, it’s Stonecollar’s and guess what? It’s a 2 way split - Yip we’re so indecisive that we actually couldn’t pick one, so two it is. and seeing as we set the rules, we seem to be okay with bending them.

    ‘So what are the albums?’ You might be asking… well it’s Nickelback and Rihanna. Both albums really embody what music is supposed to be about. With every listen I just love it mor… haha, ok, I can’t actually drag that silly little joke out anymore. Ok, seriously, and I’m not gonna delve into reasons why… Let’s just take for granted that being ‘Albums of the Year’ that they are just amazing, from , , , scope and lyrically of course. So the 2 albums are:

    Mastodon - Crack the Skye and Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue. (Honourable mention goes to Lamb of God for Wrath)

    Yip, two amazing albums indeed. And something that I heard about online, is that Mastodon (who are fast becoming a firm favourite of mine) have been recruited to score the entire to DC Comics’ upcoming comic book western . I can’t wait. I love Mastodon and I love … somedays that’s all I feel like listening to. And the fact that Mastodon, who are one of the few bands who have the scope and vision to do such a job, are gonna be dishing that out for me to listen to… well, I just can’t wait. From what I know, they have said that there will be 4 or so (which will serve as some sort of ’single’ I assume) and then a handful of ‘pieces’ that will be written for each character - each with there own mood and feel (they’re app calling this the ‘ method’ - brilliant).

    And so, what else do we have to look fwd to early next year. Well, Bullet for My Valentine will be releasing their latest around feb/march sometime, according to Blabbermouth.net and their sources. CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT!

    So cheers from Stonecollar and have a great festive season. And look fwd to seeing, writing and playing to you in 2010.

  • Remember, Remember the 14th December

    Dez 3 2009, 13h03

    That’s right guys December is a big month with a lot of important dates, but none more so than an awesome night At on the 14th, where your’s truly will be ripping it up on a . Clinton has promised us that he wont spill on his amp before the gig again (lol, didn’t really happen). It’s gonna be grand, so dont miss it.

    Also, between the last gig and this upcoming one, Stonecollar have migrated to a new , after our previous space at Jamsync studios became unavailable. is our new hive…up in the northern subs. We used to practise there back in the days…the earlier days, but now on our return, we were really impressed with the structural and improvements made to the studios. Really all a band cud ask for…and we expect a lot of magic to happen in those rooms.

    See you all soon
  • Blown Away

    Nov 12 2009, 20h49

    Thanks to all who came out to on Monday night to see us play our first in a while. It was AWESOME to be back up on again. We got a great reception from the crowd and good feedback from all you guys. For all those who weren’t there, we’ll be doing it again in December at (check the gig guide for latest).

    Real pity about the amp blow-out 2 songs from the end. We were saving the more energetic, for last (i.e. “Not For Good” and “Loose Cannon”) but never got to play them! Clint’s new called it quits so early in its life. But hey, I guess that’s part of and next time we’ll try bringing a spare just in case.

    See you guys soon and keep supporting !

  • It's Just A Game

    Out 29 2009, 21h15

    We have a big sporting weekend coming up and it started well for us here in with the kicking some tail in the first “40” game…40 overs a side cricket. Other biggies to watch out for is not winning at (woohoo), the killing the by 30 points (we can dream) and “the Big Easy” (Ernie Els) hopefully returning to his winning ways in (OK, I’m not really stressed about that one to be honest). Yes, it is true…the majority of us here at Stonecollar do like sport!

    I’m more of a , and guy myself. is big into (Man U), and . is a huge supporter (dunno why) and also enjoys rugby. There’s only one guy who stands out and that’s . Lately he’s been following The but that’s about it…not into sport. Weird. But hey, variety is the spice of life. At when the 3 of us talk sport he glazes over and shakes his head, not knowing what the hell we are talking about.

    I actually want to follow f (soccer) and used to play some myself when I was a wee little lad. But I find the on-field antics by these ‘men’ so irritating, i.e. crying, diving, diving and crying, screaming at the ref, spitting at other players and the ref, crying when being carded for spitting at above mentioned ref… The list goes on and on. The funniest thing is listening to the poor commentator trying to explain why the player, let’s call him ‘’ for now, is ‘crying’ on the ground and wriggling like a worm when the replay clearly shows fresh air between his feet and that of the opposing defender. I bet the commentators wish they could call it as it is and berate the players. Nevertheless, nobody does anything about it and therefore it will continue. And as long as that crap goes on within the game I will not watch it…reminds me of (which is not made up!!!). But it is a beautiful game when played properly.

    So until acting is no longer a requirement for top level football I will stick with the serious sport. There are no cry babies in rugby, cricket or F1…except (but he’s retired now so it doesn’t count).

    Stonecollar out
  • What's New?

    Out 28 2009, 18h37

    So I decided to do a search, to see which of the bands I like had released albums recently. When it gets to the end of the month I become a for a few days and like to get the most outta my cap. So I downloaded a few new albums of bands whose previous albums I have enjoyed. The new Arch Enemy, Megadeth, Sonata Arctica, Lacuna Coil and Wasp. So over the next few weeks I will be disecting these albums.

    The new Arch Enemy I will always enjoy, since Angela joined there’s been nothing they’ve done that wasn’t awesome…this album includes re-edits of tracks recorded before she joined, and a few new ones. As for the other bands…should be interesting…Not sure what to expect from Megadeth…You never know with Mustaine. Lacuna Coil and Sonata Arctica, have some good songs, think Sonata Arctica write really melodic, clever and tecnical music. Then Wasp…amazed to see these guys are still going. Wasp is the epitome of that kinda style, good old , hope they dont try move with the times on this one. I will not read any reviews until I listen myself.

    Anyway will let you know how they turn out.
    Stonecollar out!