Does anyone fancy winning a copy of SK123's Zeolites or Soundwave on CD ?


Nov 12 2007, 16h29

A little while ago now I donated a few copies of Soundwave and Zeolites to uksnowy who produces the Electronicast Podcast.

Snowy kindly included a couple of my tracks on his first two podcasts, so I returned the favour by donating the cd's to be given away in a competition.

Well it looks like those CD's are still about, hey maybe people just dont want them :( but all the same I thought I would give you good folks on last fm a poke to see if you fancy winning a copy. I only made about 20 copies in the end so these are strictly limited edition :)

The question was:

What did I use to name the tracks on the Zeolites Album ? (with the exception of 'Low Tar and the Ridge of Doom' which was born after a drunken night at the poker !!!)

Hint: All the track names are related to something, just what is it.

There is 2 copies of Zeolites and 2 copies of Soundwave available and if you are the only entry then you might get both (or all of them lol)

I recommend that you all check out the excellent unsigned artists that snowy has unearthed by listening to his podcasts.

You can get the podcasts from here....
Electronicast Main Site

Send me a mail with the answer and i'll reply to let you know if you are correct or not. When / If all 4 have gone then i'll post in this journal the end of the competition.

Steve AKA SK123

Heres some details of the podcasts so far....

Title: Electronicast Episode 1
Length: 51:20 minutes (47 MB)
Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

In this first show we feature the following unsigned and independent artists:

Permanent Velcro- Before and After
Part 12- Violence
Ochre- Beneath Fleeting Visions
watermeron- Funkmelon Blooz
Saul Nichols- The Introduction
Chris Shaffer- Drain
SK123- Shrunk Rubber Joint
PPB< - Angel Knows
Dementio13- Deprived of My Senses
A Better Blue- Colonadies
Bluetech- Leaving Winter Behind
A Large Group Of One- Lost


Title: Electronicast Episode 2
Length: 54:52 minutes (50.25 MB)
Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Hi and welcome to episode two. The artists featured in this show are as follows:

Digitalis- The Ride
Vinyl Life- Good Life
AHF- Take Me to the Point
Sean Eskimo- Melted Rose
Sal Boca- Feel the Life
Kouncilhouse- Rock Beat
Luke2K- Irish Dub
SK123- Massive Ambient Face
Lights Out Asia- Roy
Subway- Persuasion


Title: Electronicast Episode 3
Length: 57:45 minutes (52.89 MB)
Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

The artists featured in this show are, in the order of play, as follows:

Zillo- Undetected
37Hz- Embraced
cyrusfx- Rain drops falling on a broken leaf
Chris Shaffer- Soda Pop
Lights Out Asia- Ring of Stars
Dissolved- Ionic Chartreuse
Resynthesize- Harp Dub
Mrs Jynx- Monkey Locked Out
Joycircuit- Absent Friends
Andy J - Chaos & Evolution
The Orb & Alan Parker- Grey Clouds
Dave Dark And The Sharks- Closedown

Envios aceitos
Pixies Palace, IDM, Electronica


  • Pixieguts

    ooh, me me, pretty please...

    Nov 13 2007, 18h36
  • SK123

    If by the end of today there are no more entries PG will get both Soundwave and Zeolites and i'll give the other copies to Snowy.

    Nov 14 2007, 10h28
  • SK123

    Nov 15 2007, 10h32
  • Pixieguts


    Nov 16 2007, 23h27
  • mountainhoney

    :( im to late ~~ x

    Mar 12 2011, 15h14
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