• My thourghts on Tearaway (and why i love it)

    Mai 23 2014, 21h30

    Ok, I haven't done a journal in a while. so I thought to myself, Why not do a journal about why I love Tearaway? This won't take long.

    I'm often asked why I Love Tearaway more than LBP. well, honestly, I just do. but one thing I can honestly say is this: Tearaway will always have a place in my heart.

    Possibly the main reason is this: it made me feel a level of emotional connection I have not felt in a video game before. Out of every game I've played over the past few years, none of them have made me feel so attached to a character. the story, and indeed the overall experience, went a long way into really making me feel like I could literally talk to Iota/Atoi (the games main character).

    It was a story I never wanted to end. And then the ending happened... I wont spoil it, but I have to say, I had genuine tears rolling down eyes. Those that know me personally will know that it takes a lot for any form of media to make me genuinely emotional, and hardly anything makes me tear up. but this did just that. no other video game has done that to me. even now, after playing through the game multiple times, It still makes me choke up a little.

    The other main reason is the soundtrack. The soundtrack to this game is amazing. The entire thing is a mixture of traditional music fused with rather unexpected genres (Folk-Dubstep anyone?). It creates a signature sound and helps to capture the feel of the game. It's by Brian D'Oliveira & Kenneth Young, and you should Definitely check it out. seriously, this music is golden.

    Also, I can't possibly leave without saying possibly the most important parts of the game itself: The world is made of paper, and there literally is no forth wall. Not only do you control a character, but you (yes, you as in the player) are a character yourself. the world you are in is completely made of paper, and the amount of detail Media molecule put into this is amazing. Add all these little pieces together and you have yourself an experience that I will possibly never forget. and that my friends, is saying something.

    I think I can safely say that this is my perfect game...
  • video game fans vs Closed minded idiots

    Ago 27 2013, 13h19

    I'm so sorry, but I needed to get this out before I punched one of these people.

    there is an alarming amount of people who think that gamers are dumb, vile and evil, and that gamers are the scum of the earth. there is an endless supply of Tabloid articles, Old people and government officials who put gamers into a small corner of society and use them as a Go-to scapegoat. If I have to read another Daily mail article about how games turn people into scumbags, i'm going to snap...

    They will try hard put a ridiculous amount of blocks on video games (which have been proven to improve creative and logical thinking), maybe going as far as trying to ban them as a whole... and yet they will happily encourage destructive behaviour...

    The amount of times I've had ignorant people say I'm a scumbag for wearing a piece of clothing relating to a video game is rediclous...
    so apparently, LBP has made me into a sackboy hugging MONSTER?
    yeah, Sure.

    Big fat middle figure to that my friends...

    The single worst thing I've heard quite a few people say is also the most ignorant,
    and it is this: "video games are a symbol of everything that’s wrong with modern society".

    so out of all the endless hatred,
    the pathetic racism, sexism and homophobia,
    the endless corrupt politicians,
    the amount of unjustifiable wars,
    the disgusting amount of religious intolerance
    as well as same amount of religious fundamentalism
    the daily dose of injustice in our court rooms,
    the disturbing amount of Nazis,
    the Sickening Paedophiles,
    the endless tabloid spite
    and the millions of people starving across the globe...’s [Insert popular game here] that’s the problem.

    It seems that there is one, very important thing that many people forget about video games. They keep people Happy! It’s as simple as that. we play games because they make us smile (well, i do anyway). Those who say that happiness is an unproductive condition can go suck a fat cock.

    This is precisely the single reason I make music, play games and hug my Sackboy plush toy, They keep me happy, even on the brink of depression. I can truthfully say that media molecule’s games have kept me from drinking cyanide. and that isn't a lie. but these idiots will say it is a lie, and that is the single most depressing aspect...

    So what now? Well, I suggest that any time your targeted by someone who has no idea about the feelings of those who video games, or indeed any subculture, simply say to them "I am who I am, and you cant stop me".