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  • n7dali

    Hello! Have an awesome week! :)

    23 Mar 0h33 Responder
  • Chasey_Shutter

    ну, главное, что они все вместе :) это уже хорошо :) да нифига я не готова xDD хотя бы потому, что как то спокойно отношусь уже к камэкам ) раньше там было переживание, какой то затаенный восторг... а сейчас просто спокойно жду xD пока что это слух, официального заявления не было еще от см :> надеюсь, что это слух :> а то как то пздц XDD

    5 Mar 12h44 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    Hello again!! Yes, it is my last year of school. The last five weeks of it, actually. That's why I am so rarely studying in my room, it's full of distractions. I prefer to study in bathroom... no joke. I also don't like reading in comfortable positions because the books we have assigned are often really boring and I get sleepy easily xD iKON's debut is thankfully scheduled after my final exams. Nonono, I definitely didn't rush into conclusions.. He is one of the most racist people I have ever met in my life. I'm like, relieved I got over him. No, I'm not going, maybe another time? I have a test on Friday and I'm really flooded with exams until late April. He hurt his leg during the idol olympics. I think he's not fully recovered yet because those airport pictures weren't so old.

    4 Mar 20h29 Responder
  • soulmonstar

    Hello ^0^ how are yo?

    4 Mar 11h30 Responder
  • Chasey_Shutter

    о какие люди ;D ага, он самый~

    3 Mar 18h01 Responder
  • bangtans

    ご返信が遅くなって申し訳ありません( TДT)そうですか!そうですね~「黒子のバスケ」スーパーパワーを持ってい私はいつも笑わせその為のwwでもそれはしかし良いことだ。はい!及川とノヤも(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ (sobs @ crappy japanese skills ;a;)

    28 Fev 12h16 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [2] It's like this for me and my friends at least :D Omg, once my mum messaged my friend on facebook to ask what band do I like the most so she can buy me their cd for my birthday... It was kind of embarrassing to find out about it but I appreciate her efforts :DD Yes, it is sad, but it also means we're growing and learning about new things. Moving on is not bad thing in my opinion. For example, I wouldn't be typing this if I didn't leave 1D. I don't feel bad about leaving old fandoms, and do you? Haters gonna hate and Zico seems like he knows what he's doing so I'm not worried about him. I think he's doing good for somebody who's mouth is always getting shut.

    18 Fev 16h20 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [1] Well, you don't have to like it just because Mino's in the group, right? I agree that Winner is a little... mellow? I mean, the cd matches their image but I think I understand where is your disappointment coming from. Oh, I hope their debut will be amazing too. I need to stop crying over kpop before May, so I can focus on my exams or something... HAHAH, okay, I know you were just making fun of me and this Miley situation but you guessed right.. I did have a crush on this classmate for almost two years?? So yeah, lol, I wanted to talk to him, even if he was laughing at my lock screen... This is what being desperate looks like :F My hopeless infatuation is gone now, though. I realised his ass can't win with his shitty character and homophobia. But this system where your friends listen to different artists is kind of efficient because you don't have to check out every single one of them. You're just being told to listen to a song for a week before you give in, instead xD

    18 Fev 16h20 Responder
  • bangtans


    16 Fev 1h34 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [2] And when I was 16 I thought they were all very handsome and I liked reading fanfiction? I literally spent days with English dictionary on my lap because I didn't understand like one third of what I was reading. I liked being in the fandom too, I liked waiting for new music videos and watching old interviews and fighting with people who called Harry/Louis shippers delusional. I often jump from one band to another, I was head over heels in love with one direction for almost two years and now I don't even feel like catching up with their new CD. I see Zico as a person who has a lot to say about life and I think he's not even halfway done with it :P

    14 Fev 18h26 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [1] I really don't know how I truly feel about Winner because they were one of very first groups I liked when I got into kpop. So I'm not sure if I like their music because I'm sentimental or because they're in fact that good xD Mino's solo track is my favourite. What more did you expect from Winner though? What didn't meet your expectations? When he asked me, I was really astonished. Here I am, repeating words for english exam and this really handsome guy from your class starts asking me about my lock screen... I think I agreed with him actually xD It's fun to have friends who share your obsessions with you. My two best friends are also kpopers so we complain about groups in turns lol. Wowwo, I would like to discuss yaoi with my mother... That must be really interesting. My mum just fangirls over Dean Winchester and Vampire Diaries and calls anime Chinese cartoons ;(( Uuuuhhhh... I liked them because I liked their music, I think?

    14 Fev 18h26 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [2] She used to laugh at me during my one direction phase. I'm not surprised though, I was really obsessed with them Oo Have you heard Zico's new song?? I have listened to it only few times so I'm not sure but I think I like it better than Tough Cookie C:

    13 Fev 20h51 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [1] Your knowledge about iKON is not that bad :P I tried to watch WIN once but my heart was too soft, I felt so sorry for those boys. They all try so hard and it's heartbreaking for me to see them cry and get depressed because some dude says five years of training is not enough. I know I'm not a professional and I know nothing about being an idol and music industry but it's still sad for me. I already knew who's going to win too so I skipped it and decided to watch Mix and Match instead. And no, they haven't debuted yet :(( Oooo, have you seen them at the airport?? Good point about the culture thing, I never thought about it like that, you know? I pay a lot of thought to my lockscreens... I remember I had this black and white photo of Tao as my lock screen and this guy from my class asked me why do I have Miley Cyrus there... How your friends and family react to you being interested in kpop? My mum likes to watch the dance routines so it's actually quite nice she's not hating it xd

    13 Fev 20h51 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [2] I still think dating for profit is a thing though, like Tylor Swift dating Harry Styles for whole two or three days... They got their photos together, she got her song writing material, Harry got called womaniser again, fandoms got into fights. THE CYCLE OF LIFE. Yes, that's the rookie king! ZICO AND UKWON'S KISS IS AN ICONIC MOMENT IN MUSIC HISTORY. This was my lock screen for a long time XD

    6 Fev 11h40 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [1] SOrry for taking like three days to reply but I got sucked into iKON vortex and I just got out (-’_’-) but ANYWAY, I completely agree with you, what's happening sometimes is a complete madness. Well, the positive side to this is that I see people disagreeing with it. Like, with Block B coming here, majority of polish fans is like "NO FUCKING pushing at the airport or screaming sex names at them or I will literally hit someone". Even if I'm not going, I'm really happy about people taking care of our image as European fans. I think dating in music industry, where there are two popular names involved might look like it's dating only for profit, but I'd like to think that they actually find some kind of peace or comfort or whatever they're looking for in a relationship. It might be staged, but I think two artists could understand each-other well, since they have been in the same kind of situations.

    6 Fev 11h39 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [2] I watched four episodes of Rookie King in a row yesterday. The feeling was really similar to watching whole Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting. Why are they touching all time time?? I thought they would be more "no homo" tbh :F

    2 Fev 15h36 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [1] Crowley is definitely one of the best characters that supernatural ever got. I can't imagine queuing more than a day and yet there are people who camp outside hotels or venues. It's really creepy in my opinion. I see a point in waiting for group/artist to come out after a concert but this kind of stalker-ish behaviour is really disturbing. I'm glad people were so negative about that girl grabbing Sehun at airport... why would you even throw yourself at a stranger?? I know many people feel like their favourite singers are not strangers, but we're completely unknown people to each-other. Yeah, I'd like to drink some tea with Tao and talk about meaning of existence but it will never happen. And like I said, you just don't jump at strangers, Korean idols or not. I don't know, I was really furious when this Sehun accident came up. Well, they might not be enthusiastic but they're still being paid for standing :P

    2 Fev 15h35 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [2] TAO IS FOREVER NUMBER ONE. Yes, I was quite surprised too when I checked the lyrics. I wouldn't guess it's him singing the low parts. BTS is misleading, for me it was hard to match Suga's image with his rapping. But I guess it's just a part of getting to know the group.

    31 Jan 13h24 Responder
  • ffuckfridays

    [1] You have seen Supernatural?? Oh jesus, I was mad over this series when I was in junior high school xD I gave up on it few years ago. It was so confusing, plot didn't make any sense anymore and my love for Castiel was slowly dying so I left it and got into Glee lol. I really don't like queuing, it's either too hot or too cold or it's raining or people are acting shitty. Like, we're in this together people, you're tired of standing here, I'm tired, don't be fucking rude and don't push other people... have some dignity. Dress warm!! it's very important!! I'm more aware of this now that I have spend last concert I've been to shivering and sniffling. The band kind of sucked, I almost got pneumonia but YEAH. You saw them two times in a row?? You're lucky! Lol, I think about security guards a lot. Do they even like the music that's being played? Sometimes you can see them wearing earplugs but sometimes they look like they're trying not to sway to the music xD

    31 Jan 13h23 Responder
  • colorsofseason

    Thanks! Nice music taste :]

    31 Jan 0h33 Responder
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