Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums : 131-140


Set 17 2007, 14h37

10 away from the next landmark, of 150! Another eclectic mix.

131. Saturday Night Fever Original Soundtrack, Various Artists

I hate the Bee Gees. I never understood their popularity. I didn't understand why in the late 90's they seemed to have a special on every music network. I'll give Disco a chance. I like dance music and funk, Disco is basically really lame overproduced funk. But man, I hate the Bee Gees. The songs, the harmonies. Everything. Whether they are in Disco mode or not. Anyways, this soundtrack is chock full of Bee Gee songs I don't like. The exception being "Boogie Shoes", but that's more a case of it coming on after a bunch of instrumentals (that weren't bad) and I thought a new Motown album had started up. So to wrap this up, this album shouldn't be on this list.

132. The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle, Bruce Springsteen

A Springsteen album. Not as good as "Born to Run", no wheres near as terrible as "Born In the USA"

133. Ready to Die, The Notorious B.I.G.

Not a terrible rap record, but not a particularly great one either. I basically lost interest in the genre when all the sampling became to expensive. This was better then I expected. Biggie is great on the mike. The songs about pimping bitches and shooting each other does nothing for me anymore. I used to find them hilarious, but apparently these people are serious.

134. Slanted and Enchanted, Pavement

Pretty good little punk album. Has a nice raw feel to it, some decent if not overly remarkable songs. I'm going to spin it again to give it a closer look.

135. Greatest Hits, Elton John

A good collection, but pointless and a waste for this list. I do like Crocodile Rock though.

136. Tim, The Replacements

This is another one I kept hearing come up in talks about punk. Not bad and not really what I would call punk. Kind of forgettable though.

137. The Chronic, Dr. Dre

This one was alright but not much different then the Notorious BIG one. Snoop is the stand out on it, but all the songs sound pretty much the same.

138. Rejuvenation, The Meters

This was a pretty good soul/funk album. Nothing revolutionary, but it had a bunch of good ass shakers.

139. All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2

This probably isn't a great U2 album,. but it is a damned fine pop/rock album. nothing all that political here, just a bunch of good songs. One of my faves by the band.

140. Parallel Lines, Blondie

A great little new wave album. Most famous for "Heart Of Glass", there really isn't a bad song on this.
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