Jul 1 2006, 16h46

For those of you who think it can't be so hard to run this site, here are a few facts for you:

18 web nodes - newest ones are Dual-CPU dualcore Opteron 4GB RAM 1U.
12 profile database servers (soon to be Hadoop nodes) - 12-disk SCSI 8GB RAM dual Opteron 3U.
2 global database servers - 12-disk SCSI 16GB RAM dual Opteron 3U.
5 storage nodes - 12 SATA disks, 3TB each.
Plus another 20 or so general-purpose boxes for indexing, searching, charts, etc.

We have 5 racks' worth of equipment spread across 2 datacenters in east London. All in all about 140 CPU cores and 230GB of RAM.

Average bandwidth usage: 300 Megabits (10 megabits of that is solely HTML).
Total power supply: 24kW (102 amps), which probably costs us about £100/day.


  • NoBloodForOil

    I know the growth from January through June was absolutely incredible 400 percent in 6 months...how many businesses can claim that growth or predict it for that matter. :) I saw the same thing with eBay the growth from very early on when there was only 50 pages of CDs for sale for example compared to now. I think the more communicaiton you have with all users as much as possible updating them directly would help you guys a lot. Like the Beta...link for example...little info headings on all sites or direct emails to all users weekly I think would help tons.....just on issues expectations etc. As a newer but extrememly active issue...my feedback to you would be first off I think the site is one of the best inventions EVER in the history of mankind :) THANK YOU!...but putting that aside..... I think the major issues for other users that arent as patient with the growing pains as I am are: 1)Stats not updating immediately...the quicker and the earlier the better.... 2)The need to readjust stats...it irritates people when there count goes down...people have a sense of pride with their number.....not all but defintely a significant segment...if the system could just correct immediately somehow to prevent the lowering or correction later if possible... 3)Setting a better tone so LAST FM doesnt go in a MySpace direction with the things that people arent liking about MySpace...I skipped both MySpace and its predecessor Friendster...could've been on both from the start but passed....I'll go on below... What is great about here is that its all about the music and there is a different vibe and feeling......and I hope it stays that way and doesnt turn into a zoo like some people are complaining about MySpace. I guess just creating a repsectful atmosphere like eBay as opposed to a complete free for all...I dont think people should be able to post hate type things on other peoples pages. I have been on a highly successful Internet music site for over 10 years since the Oasis Defintely Maybe days...that was a very early Internet music community that has grown to around 1000 members. We have a policy you can say negative things about music....but personal attacks of any sort are COMPLETELY disallowed...it always has to be about the issues...not attacking people.....I am for freedom of speech dont get me wrong....I just have seen some nasty stuff floating around on shoutboxes. There is no reason for anyone to be subject to any verbal abuse of any sort...especially on threads or on shoutboxes. These are just suggestions to an already ***** star site that I KNOW will improve.....and get better. *where can I go to find out why my CD's played are not getting counted for almost 2 weeks now (its fallen behind before but never for THIS long and I never had a week missed completely without my CDs played stats)? Everything had been working fine and I have a new computer with the latest Window player that had been working fine with LAST FM. *and on Beta I lost over 100 mutual friends of mine with the test transition...that a lot I dont want to lose these friedns is there anything I can do to protect myself from this? All my best to you! Peace and respect, OLSPUR (Oil Spill)

    Jul 1 2006, 17h20
  • Russ

    I don't usually do support questions in journal entries, but considering you made such a vast comment I'll do this one: If your tracks aren't showing up in Recent Tracks, it's a plugin problem, everything's working on our end, post in your appropriate plugin forum. Friends on the beta site are based on a 2-week-old snapshot of the data, it should fix itself when it goes live.

    Jul 1 2006, 17h25
  • Mauz_

    Where on earth does all that money come from? :O

    Jul 3 2006, 10h51
  • MikeManger

    15 Terra bites is all well and good, but how many staff do you have to feed/change ever day?

    Jul 5 2006, 21h21
  • Russ

    We have a staff of 23 at the moment. And they cost a lot more than our servers do ;).

    Jul 5 2006, 21h32
  • Rockyoursox

    lol damn staff :P id work for free :P keep up the excellent work russ, you and the team have done a great job, still miss the retro AS days :P but the beta site is awesome and whoever produced it should be congratulated and give a pay rise ;)

    Jul 9 2006, 19h19
  • radio_ga_ga

    Unlike some whingers on the forums, I have something nice to say. The silent majority really do appreciate the hard work you and the rest of the team put in the site, myself and many others really enjoy using and supporting the site and will do so for a long time to come. The fruits of your recent labours are definitely paying off - after being offline for a month, last night I submitted about 1000 songs that had been cached in my plugin. Every single song was added to my profile, and my 'Tracks played' counter updated immediately, so whatever you guys did, it's working well. Keep up the good work, and try not to let the 'tards on the forums get to you!

    Jul 11 2006, 16h11
  • lotrgamemast

    how the hell do you make any money? £100 a day + initial cost + wages + server colocation = ouch How many subscribers are there?

    Jul 11 2006, 22h52
  • InvisibleA

    >>how many staff do you have to feed/change ever day a lot of our money goes on hay for the Pony

    Jul 15 2006, 16h06
  • NoBloodForOil

    I'll try to find my way...music I know :)...tech issues I'll need help. LAST FM the greatest invention of the 21st century......that doesnt't save lives....WELL MAYBE IT DOES! like that one...? Stay cool!

    Jul 20 2006, 16h29
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