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♪♫Daisies of today are the Roses of tomorrow.♫♪

There are three ways to get added to my friends here:

-I like your taste, it doesn't matter whether super or not.

-You've talked to me, other than adverstising.

-I know you from somewhere before.



1,000th Loved Track: Asura - Celestial Tendencies
2,000th Loved Track: Shpongle - Botanical Dimensions
3,000th Loved Track: Room with a View – Budapest Song
3,3333th Loved Track: Savant – Nightmare Adventures
2,000th Artist: Electric Light Orchestra
3,000th Artist: Sunday Munich
1000th Play: Syd Matters - Black & White Eyes
10,000th Play: :Wumpscut: - Loyal to my Hate
15,000th Play: Alcest - Percées de Lumière
20,000th Play: Infected Mushroom - The Missed Symphony
25,000th Play: Shaolin Death Squad - Escaping the Absynthe
30,000th Play: Wynardtage - Fuck You - Perfect World
35,000th Play: Katatonia - Nephilim
40,000th Play: Atooishinjuu - Lepers and Swans
45,000th Play: Katatonia - The Northern Silence
50,000th Play: Neon Synthesis - Visions from Above
55,000th Play: Kingston Wall - Palékastro
60,000th Play: From First To Last – Emily
65,000th Play: This Morn' Omina - (The) Rûach (of God)
70,000th Play: BT – Suddenly
75,000th Play: Aural Imbalance – Fibre Optic
80,000th Play: Distant System – Lost Sequence
85,000th Play: Aiden – Breathless
88,888th Play: Thousand Foot Krutch – Courtesy Call (Rui Da Silva Remix)
90,000th Play: DJ Food – Sentinel - Lunar Defence
95,000th Play: Of Mice & Men – The Great Hendowski
97979th Play: Rinoa – Sol Winds
100,000th Play: The Ocean – Abyssopelagic I: Boundless Vasts

I’ve been trying to think about life, trying to come up with some sort of flawless system that explains it all, you know, just something that makes it all make sense, preferably one that comes in a nice easily digestible sound bite, quick and easy and without too much effort, because life can be quick and easy and without effort, and I realize the only one thing that brings me any sort of joy is anger and hate. Rage is the only thing that brings me what one might call contentment, rage is the only thing that even begins to satisfy my need for fulfillment and then I realize that I have been wasting my rage on bullshit, on things that didn’t deserve it. This one gift of mine was being squandered on things that weren’t worthy of it, and this angered me, I’m not going to slut off my rage to everything and anything any longer, but rather now wish to save it for something really special, save it for something noble that really deserves it. I wanted to hate what I respected and I don’t respect anything. I long to hate something worthy of the emotion. I can’t hate incompetence, I can’t hate the pathetic. The pathetic demeans my hate. I want my hate to represent my purpose, to become my purpose. I want it to be worthwhile and looking at you, thinking about you, knowing what you are I realized that to hate you would be a crime, it would be like hating a stain, like hating a pimple, a zit. I can dislike things all I want, they are a nuisance, a bother, but hating them would drag me down, drag me down. How could I build up energy for this? How could I really care? I’m tired of having my hate watered down by irrelevant bullshit. There is nothing worse than wasting the beautiful energy of unrestrained anger, of uninhibited fury, on something like this, some impotent meaningless blur. And then a calm overcomes me. Nothing can bother me now because nothing is worth the trouble. Underneath this emotionless surface boils the true essence of unrestrained anger, I now walk through life like a ghost, like a zombie, for I have reached a transcendental state of bliss, and by bliss I mean rage, because I know that what I now hate is the core of everything, I don’t hate your trivialities, you bullshit, your irritants, I hate the essence, I hate truth, I hate the very fundamentals of it all.

I'm really struggling to bring myself to the verge of motivation, I am wandering without the feeling of contentment...

So tired, so tired of showing Love so deep
That most aren't even willing to feel
See what I've seen
Open your eyes and recognize that this is real
This season brings darkness so profound
I've become lost and can't seem to be found
Contorted, racked with pain
I know should feel free, yet I continue to sing this sad refrain
I can't sleep and food has lost its taste
God, I'm so sick of this place

Let me go, let me go
Don't feel sorry
I have been soothed
And forgot about my past
I am a river flowing free
I am the sun
I am the universe fading
I have seen you
I've been through the sun

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